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School of Dance, Film, and Theater
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School of Dance



Laying foundations for the Future, Developing Craft, Support Artistic Growth…


Daily technique classes offered by seven full time faculty and visiting artists build the dancer’s physical skills.  Dance classes are offered in modern, ballet, jazz and African techniques. Choreography and Improvisation classes guide creative development through experiences designed to increase movement invention and build craft skills. Performance and Production courses provide dancers with opportunities to share the art of dance with others and to demonstrate their accomplishments. Ohio University dancers have distinguished themselves as award winning choreographers, dancers and artistic directors.


Senior Seminar & Senior Choreographic/Performance Project measure the dancer’s achievements in setting and meeting artistic goals and assessing preparation for a life in dance. Dancers develop multiple skills necessary to present their achievements in written, resume, video, performance and choreographic forms. Choreography for video and hands-on work in audio and sound production provide art-mediated experience with computer technology. Involvement in producing concerts throughout the program provides an initial exposure to the varied aspects of dance production. Arts administration, dance company management and public relations are possible areas for further career development.


Appreciation diversity in the world at large and at home through courses in Dance History & Dance Cultures of the World gives the dancer perspective, scope, and a sense of origin.  Study in Dance History and other theory-based courses help refine the ability to think critically and to write clearly. Graduates have pursued careers in cultural studies and anthropology, dance criticism and journalism, and dance history.


Refining an understanding of how the body works is the goal of a series of courses in Kinesiology for Dancers.  Kinesiology and other specialized movement courses such as Bartenieff Fundamentals, and Pilates® help the dancer enhance skills in classes tailored for the individual dancer’s needs. Ohio University graduates have gone on to do postgraduate study in a variety of related areas including: exercise physiology, physical therapy, body-work fields, dance therapy, and somatic studies.                                                                                                           

The Teaching Sequence offers hands on opportunities to work in the classroom creating dance classes for adults  and children. Courses at Ohio University prepare the dancer for the more in depth study in dance education that can lead to work in the teaching professions. Many graduates teach in primary, secondary and higher education institutions.

Deepening the dancers’ rythmic training, and essential skill for the dancer,  is basic to Music for Dance coursework.  The language of movement is explored in Dance Notation and Movement Analysis courses that refine the ability to analyze and describe movement in symbolic and verbal forms. Study of movement as a form of nonverbal communication can lead to an appreciation of its anthropological and sociological value and provides the foundation for future theoretical study.