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School of Dance, Film, and Theater


Is an audition required for entry into your program? If so, what is involved and when are the audition dates?

  • An audition is required for entrance to the Dance Division major and for the minor in Performance and Choreography. Auditionees will take portions of Ballet, Modern, and African or Jazz technique classes and a short Improvisation. You also need to meet the general university requirements for admission to Ohio University.
  • Audition dates for this year are November 19, 2016 and January 21, 2017 (alternate bad weather date -  January 28, 2017)


Are scholarships available and if so, what is required?

  • Yes, the College of Fine arts offer talent-based scholarships for incoming students such as the Fine Arts Talent Award (FATA). If awarded the FATA, it is renewable for four years as long as the student maintains a 3.0 GPA in the major and enrolls for 15 credit hours per semester. The audition for the Dance major is also the audition for talent-based scholarships.
  • Funds for academically talented and creatively gifted students are offered by Ohio University through a variety of scholarships. The Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships also offers awards with special criteria. Your first-year admissions application serves as your application for most University scholarships. Information on these may be found at:


Can I participate in a music/dance/theater group if I’m not a major? How? When are auditions for these groups?

  • All students may enroll in our non major studio dance classes in modern, ballet, jazz and African dance forms.

There are two student-run dance organizations that are supported by the Dance Division. They are:

  • THE MOVEMENT is an organization for Ohio University students interested in the performance and other presentations of dance and artistic collaborations involving movement. A primary aim of the organization is the promotion of dance as a thriving art in both the University and the Athens community. “The Movement,” works closely with the Dance Division using some facilities, equipment, and sharing some goals. It maintains autonomy as a student organization. “The Movement” presents concerts of student works and offers scholarships for summer study. John Bohuslawsky serves as advisor to The Movement.
  • Athens Black Contemporary Dance (ABCD) is a dance organization that presents student choreography that celebrates Black dance forms, themes and aesthetics. Like “The Movement,” it maintains autonomy as a student organization and uses resources within the Dance Division to help promote its goals.

Additional information about student organizations can be found at:


What are your graduation rates? Can I graduate in 4 years?

  • The BFA and BA in Dance are four-year degree programs. Graduation rates depend on student enrollment in the first year of college and compliance with advising recommendations. For example, the class of 2017 currently has 15 graduating seniors. The class of 2016 also had 6 graduates. Graduates from our program have distinguished themselves as award winning choreographers, performers and artistic directors. Arts administration, dance company and/or private studio management and public relations are other areas for career development upon graduation. 


Are there internship opportunities in your unit? If so, how are they arranged?

  • Internship credit can be granted to dance majors who wish to offer services to professional dance companies, schools and arts organizations and gain experience in the workplace while completing a degree. Arrangements are made on an individual basis through the Director of the Dance Division and are tailored to meet the interests of the student.


Who do I contact if I want to meet with a faculty member?

  • Please contact the Dance Division Office at (740) 593-1826, or e-mail


Can I sit through classes on a visitation day as an observer? If so, how do I arrange this?

  • Observing and/or participating in classes is readily possible with some advance notice. Open House days are scheduled in November and January. Prospective students are encouraged to attend and participate in a modern technique classes on these days from 10:45-12:45.


Do you offer a minor and what is required to add it to my major?

  • There are three minors in dance. Minor in Performance and Choreography requires an audition, two consecutive semesters of study in dance major courses. The Somatic Studies and Dance History/Theory minors do not require an audition, but students interested in pursuing these minors must have sophomore standing and have a 3.0 GPA in their major.


What is your placement rate?  Where do your students find jobs? 

Approximately 70% of our graduates continue in the field of dance and related arts. Career opportunities available to the dance graduate include preparation and/or studies leading to the following:

  • Choreographer for concert, theater, video and film;
  • Dancer in companies or theatrical productions;
  • Company manager or arts administrator;
  • Studio Teacher of children and adults in Modern, Ballet, Jazz, African technique; teaching in university programs, K-12;
  • Body-based therapeutic work such as Pilates, Bartenieff Fundamentals, massage therapy; Physical Therapy, Exercise Physiology;
  • Dance Movement Therapist;
  • Dance Critic or Dance-related Cultural Historian, Writing in Dance; and Preparation for Graduate Study in Dance.