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Undergraduate Art League

The Undergraduate Art League is a collaboration between students working together to unify the arts community. The UAL works hard to provide students opportunities within the arts, such as managing the student gallery, CUBE 4, helping with the Undergraduate Juried Exhibition in Fall semester, bringing visiting artists to do workshops in the Spring, and by providing a mentorship program between upper and lower classmen. The UAL is a great way to get involved in the arts community and it is a fantastic opportunity for those interested in future artistic endeavors after graduation.

The UAL meets every Wednesday at 7 p.m. in Seigfred Hall, Room 401.

The Undergraduate Art League, aka UAL, founded in 1978, as a non-profit student service organization dedicated to the promotion of the visual arts in the University and the surrounding communities. UAL’s purpose to our members is to better our education through field trips, speakers, and other activities; and to sponsor exhibitions of undergraduate work. Our main goal with UAL sponsored events is to expose the local community and Ohio University to aspects of Fine Art, such as the history, culture, animation, music, food, cinema, and literature. UAL exists to make all of these available to any who wish to experience art of all forms. This organization is open to art majors, non-majors, undergrads, grads, and faculty members!

The club is also a base from which students and the public with a similar interest in one or more of the categories above can meet to foster friendships, potential collaborative projects, and educational/personal growth through involvement in the club. We are here to create an environment for creative cohorts to create, collaborate, and contribute art to the communities in Ohio University, the City of Athens, and the world!