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Education Abroad for Great Britain, Italy, Hungary, Germany and other destinations:


One of the happiest, most memorable and valuable experiences of many Ohio University students is participation in one of the School of Art + Design's Summer Study Abroad programs to Hungary, Great Britain or Italy. Winter Intersession trips to Great Britain are also offered.

Unlike courses at the Athens campus, students on these trips are able to actively study some of the world's most famous art and architecture "in the flesh" rather than more passively through slides in classes and illustrations in books. All classes are taught directly on site rather than in the classroom, enabling students to experience art monuments in their unique historical and cultural contexts. Students also gain exposure to the contemporary art worlds of Hungary, Great Britain and Italy, providing them with an international concept of the current art scene. The Great Britain program also offers art studio courses and an art writing course, which together greatly enhances one's knowledge of London's very important contemporary art world.

We have found that students' understanding of the visual arts becomes much richer and longer lasting due to these direct experiences. Students also commonly state in their evaluations that they grow considerably as human beings due to this immediate immersion in a foreign culture and close interaction with Ohio University and foreign students from a variety of majors and backgrounds.

Depending upon the program you choose, you will be residing in a hotel or dorm while overseas. You will travel about your host country regardless of the specific program. For example, the Great Britain program is based in London, but you also spend four days in Edinburgh and travel on a private bus on day trips to Bath, Leeds Castle, Salisbury, and Stonehenge. You can receive from 14-20 credit hours of course credit for this experience. With the Winter Intersession program, you can receive from 4-8 credit hours. We highly recommend that all of you consider our Study Abroad experience while attending Ohio University.

For information regarding funding and more, visit Ohio University College of Fine Art's Study Abroad page by clicking here.