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MA Degree Programs

MA Requirements

Art History MA

Credit-Hour Requirements Summary

The graduate program leading to the MA degree in Art History requires the completion of at least 40-semester hours of graduate study, including at least 21 credits in Art History courses, 9 credits of directed electives, and at least 10 credits in thesis. Directed electives are selected in consultation with faculty.


 •  21 Art History credits

 •  9 electives credits

 •  10 thesis credits

 •  40 Total (plus language requirement)

Electives are selected in consultation with the faculty. Proof of research competency in a foreign language approved by the faculty is required. The program concludes with the submission of a thesis that demonstrates scholarly research and a final review and oral defense of the thesis.


 •  1. Required Major Courses: 21 hours. These courses must be AH5000 courses, advisor approved, and related to the thesis topic.

 •  2. Advisor Approved Courses: 9 hours. These courses must be advisor approved prior to enrollment and should be related to the student’s thesis topic.

 •  3. Thesis: 10 hours (minimum) Approval of a topic by the thesis committee will be required before the student can register for thesis credits. Advisor’s approval in writing is required.


Language Requirement

Each graduate student in Art History is required to demonstrate competency translating a foreign language. The language chosen should be appropriate for each student’s thesis research, if possible, and must be approved by the program chair. Language courses may not count towards elective credits.


Committees and Reviews

Graduate Students will be assigned a Thesis committee consisting of 3 faculty members. This committee will work with the student for the duration of their study.

There are 2 reviews in the MA program:

A candidacy review will take place at the end of the second semester for full time graduate students.

The thesis defense will be arranged at the completion of all required credits, and will consist of the written thesis and oral defense to the whole committee.

Independent Studies and Service Learning credits do not fulfill any requirement for graduation.