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The School of Art + Design recognizes those students who demonstrate outstanding performance and accomplishment by offering a Departmental Honors Program. We believe that such recognition encourages creative and scholarly growth among all students. School of Art + Design majors who are planning to pursue graduate work are especially encouraged to apply for Departmental Honors. In some cases, School of Art + Design honors students may enroll in graduate-level courses, giving them more opportunities to demonstrate their ability to function at advanced levels. After students graduate with Departmental Honors, they are more likely to find success with admission to graduate school.

The School of Art + Design allows majors who have demonstrated exceptional diligence and ability to conduct an in-depth scholarly and/or creative thesis project under the direction of a faculty member. The program is designed to give students an opportunity to improve their mastery of skills while engaging in a stimulating capstone experience. The thesis project can take the form of either an exhibition of the student's art or a substantial research paper in art history.

Associate Professor Jennie Klein serves as the Art History Departmental Honors Coordinator. Associate Professor Vince Caranchini serves as the Studio Art Departmental Honors Coordinator.

Contact information:
School of Art + Design office at 593-4288.  


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Jennie Klein

Area Chair, Professor of Art History, Art
(740) 593-4288

Vincent Caranchini

Associate Professor of Interior Architecture
(740) 593-0081