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BFA Degree Programs

BFA in Studio Art - Semesters

Program Overview The School of Art + Design offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Studio Art, with an emphasis in Ceramics, Painting + Drawing, Photography + Integrated Media, Printmaking, or Sculpture + Expanded Practice.

All students enter the program as Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) art majors and share common requirements in general academics, studio foundations, and art history. To become a studio art B.F.A. major, students must first complete the Foundations Program, take four 2000-level studio art courses, select a concentration area (ceramics, painting + drawing, photography + integrated media, printmaking, or sculpture + expanded practice), and submit a portfolio of studio work for review at the end of the sophomore year.

All B.F.A. studio areas require an exhibition of each student’s art work as the crowning event in achieving the degree. Student achievements are acknowledged through awards presented at student exhibitions, as well as through talent and academic scholarships. Scholarships are available to both incoming and continuing students.

Opportunities Upon Graduation Studio majors find success as professional artists or graphic designers, enter graduate schools, or work in related art and design fields.

For complete program requirements please see the Ohio University catalog:

BFA Studio Art Course Requirements