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Residential Learning Community


Are you interested in becoming an art, dance, music or theater major? Picture yourself living in an “arts-friendly” residence hall that has space dedicated to each discipline. You're surrounded by friends who are interested in the arts, understand that practice, rehearsal, and/or studio time are necessary for your success, take some of the same classes with you, and are willing to share in the creative process.

The “Experience the Arts” learning community is housed in Lincoln Hall, located on the East Green in close proximity to the Fine Arts classrooms and labs. This residence hall provides a separate art studio with 2 drafting tables, a computer lounge with art- and music-friendly software and equipment, a large seminar room with mirrors, special flooring and rehearsal space for dancers and performers, as well as lighting and props for theater students.

Bring your creativity and imagination to the spaces and join your friends in finding new avenues of expression!



Academics & Registration

One of the requirements for participation in our Fine Arts residential experience is to enroll in at least one class associated with this RLC as noted below.

Participation Requirements

  • You must be admitted to Ohio University as an incoming freshman on the Athens campus
  • You must be accepted in the College of Fine Arts as an art, dance, music or theater major
  • You must be enrolled in our 1 hour Fine Arts seminar 
  • You have the option to be enrolled in a 3 hour general education English course which fulfills your Freshmen English composition requirement. (Students with PSEOP English credit or a score of 3 or better on the AP English exam will not need to sign up for the Fine Arts RLC English course) Select option A
  • There are no additional costs for the Fine Arts RLC beyond your regular tuition/fees


Application Process for the Fine Arts RLC

(Please note: Space is limited. We will try to accommodate as many Fine Arts students as possible. You may request a non-Fine Arts RLC roommate; however, we can make no guarantees to accommodate such requests due to limited bed space in Lincoln Hall).

This is a two-step process:

  • Submit your online housing contract.
  • Then apply online through the Learning Community website by clicking on the Fine Arts button and following the directions for the Fine Arts RLC application.



Fine Arts Seminar Class Information


Sample of Class Activities




Fine Arts Freshmen — Our students who apply for this opportunity:


  • want to continue to develop skills in the arts alongside other students with similar interests.


  • want to make the most of their first semester on campus by interacting with other Fine Arts students in a specialized living environment where the understanding of practice time, studio space and rehearsal needs are balanced with your social life and academic classroom study.


  • are bright, curious, talented and eager to get a jump start on their college career by taking advantage of the specialized programs, resources and living accommodations we provide for you at Lincoln Hall.

Fine Arts Upperclassmen (Sophomores) — Our students who choose this opportunity:


  • want to take advantage of the specialized rehearsal/studio spaces


  • want to interact with other like-minded Fine Arts students
  • can choose to train as Resident Assistants and apply to live in Lincoln to work with our Fine Arts students.


Non-Fine Arts Students

Approximately half of the residents in Lincoln Hall are randomly selected from other majors to provide for a balance of Fine Arts/non-Fine Arts students and experiences.






A Sampling of Past RLC Student Comments


How has participating in this Fine Arts RLC been helpful for you in adjusting to Ohio University?


  • “You make friends that you have a lot in common with.”
  • “It has exposed me to resources the college has that I would otherwise have not known about.”
  • “Helps me meet other people faster and easier with the same interests.”
  • “Has about 20 people I know I can talk to.”
  • “I think it has helped me to meet other OU students. It has also created a fun/safe community for me.”
  • “Met a lot of people and got to know them quicker than if I wouldn’t have had class with them.”


What has been the most rewarding aspect of being in this Fine Arts RLC?


  • “I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to have access to outside events that I normally would not have heard about or participated in.”
  • “Getting to know my classmates.”
  • “I love being with fine arts majors.”
  • “The friends I’ve made.”
  • “Meeting people with the same passion for the arts that I have.”
  • “Having a support group of people who can help me since most of them are in the same situation as I.”
  • “It was a huge eye opener to the different arts.”


In what ways did you get to know the faculty in the RLC courses?


  • “We got to meet all the faculty from the different majors.”
  • “They work for you more like a friend than just a professor.”
  • “Through class discussions and trips.”
  • “We had special classes where faculty would come in and work with us.”
  • “The classes were a lot smaller so we were able to have more one-on-one time with the faculty.”


Would you recommend this RLC to an incoming first-year students?


  • “Yes, it is a great way to meet people and make contacts.”
  • “Yes, it gives you a leg up with everything.”
  • “Yes, good opportunities.”
  • “Yes, I feel it’s beneficial to start out with a group of people you can bond with.”
  • “Yes, I would—you meet great people, learn a lot and have a lot of fun!”



Special Residence Hall Facilities

Our brochure states “Living is an art at Lincoln Hall” which sums up the experience you will have while enjoying the special spaces provided for you in this residence hall. Some of the amenities and advantages to Lincoln Hall are listed below:

Studio Space for Art Students

Need to complete a project for your art class and don’t want to stay at the art building late at night?
You can finish your work (or start it for that matter!) in the Lincoln 4th floor lounge/art studio. The ventilated space has room for several students to work concurrently at different art stations. There are easels, drafting tables, natural lighting from windows, light stands, and storage space for you to work at your leisure and at a time that fits your schedule.

Art/Music Computer Lounge

Need to work on your music theory homework for tomorrow's class?
The music computer houses licensed software compatible for theory and composition needs. An electronic keyboard is also available for practice and rehearsal.

Forgot to complete a computer project or ran out of time during the day to finish your 3-D design or drawing assignment?
You have access to the 3rd floor art/music lounge to do your work. The art computer is loaded with licensed software for your courses and has a scanner attached for your use.


Main Floor Multipurpose Classroom Rehearsal Space


Need to stretch and warm-up before your class? Do you want to rehearse a new technique you learned or practice some challenging choreography for tomorrow’s class?
The large multipurpose room on the main floor is equipped with special flooring, mirrors, mats and and a portable dance bar for your rehearsal needs.


Need to warm up before your private lesson, practice a difficult passage for the next public concert, or work on your scales which might be a bit rusty? Don’t want to stay too late at Glidden Hall in one of the 6th floor practice rooms? Ran out of time to finish your theory assignment for tomorrow’s class? Need to practice the piano for your applied lesson or keyboard class?
There is an upright piano in the main lobby which is available for your use. Since it is not in a soundproof area, you may need to work out a rehearsal time if the space is being utilized or reserved for other rehearsal purposes (dance or theater).


Need to rehearse a scene, practice a dialogue with a friend, or work on movement skills? Don’t want to stay late in Kantner to find space and time to finish projects for tomorrow’s class?
The large multipurpose room is equipped with mirrors and mats for your rehearsal needs. It is also equipped with various box-like “props” theater students can use to create scenes and sets as needed and at a time that works for you.

For general information and exterior view of Lincoln Hall, click here.



Ohio University Learning Community

Please be advised that the information for all other Ohio University Learning Communities are for non Fine Arts majors and do not apply to students in the College of Fine Arts. We have a separate curriculum listed under Academics and Registration.

To find out more about the general OU Learning Communities: Go to the OU Learning Communities!


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