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Todd Jones

M.F.A. Painting + Drawing

Todd Jones is an experimental artist working with painting, drawing, and sculpture. He is using a combination of traditional and modern techniques to explore the application of paint. Todd is currently living and working in Athens, Ohio and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts and double majored in studio art and psychology at Florida State University. Since graduating, he has been an artist-in-residence at Studio 209 in Thomasville, GA and has attended the Summer Painting and Sculpture Intensive hosted by the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA. Todd is currently an MFA candidate in Painting and Drawing at Ohio University. 

“Currently, my research shimmers between the boundaries of painting and sculpture. I am exploring the application of pigment on translucent and opaque surfaces, allowing the infrastructure to integrate within the image. These investigations can lead to sculptural objects, but also, engage with the history of abstraction by creating within the restraints of the stretcher and the rectangle. When the piece exceeds these constraints, an association is made with forms familiar to fabric and the body. https://www.taahd.com/

“Contemplation,” acrylic, hot glue, and chicken wire, 28 x 46 x 11 inches 2019
Violaceous, airbrush and acrylic paint on stretcher bars, 10 x 8 inches, 2018