Ohio University

Undergrad Auditions/Interviews

Audition & Interview Information

Theater applicants may audition or interview, either for direct entry to one of our B.F.A. programs or for talent scholarship consideration. 

2019-20 Auditions & Interview Opportunities

Cleveland Unified Auditions
October 11-13
Cleveland, OH 

OHIO Experience the Arts Day [On-Campus]
October 14, 2019 
Athens, OH                                                         

November 21-24
Dallas, TX

Ohio Unified Auditions
January 11
Akron, OH

OHIO School of Theater Scholarship Day [On-Campus]
February 1, 2020
Athens, OH

National Unifieds
New York City, NY: January 18-19
Chicago, IL:  February 3-6
Los Angeles, CA: February 8-9

Southeast Theatre Conference
February 26-29, 2020 
Knoxville, TN

USITT (United States Institute for Theater Technology)
April 1-4, 2020
Houston, TX

Schedule a Program Audition or Interview

If you are interested in scheduling an audition for Performance (Acting or Musical Theater tracks) at one of the above events, please contact auditions@ohio.edu to schedule an appointment.

If you are unable to attend one of the dates listed above you may submit a video audition. Contact auditions@ohio.edu for more information.

If you are interested in interviewing for Production Design and Technology, Playwriting, or Stage Management, please email theater@ohio.edu to schedule an appointment.

Theater Areas and Audition Instructions

There are four Theater areas for which a student can interview/audition including the following: performance (acting & musical theater tracks), production design and technology, playwriting, and stage management. Students may audition or interview for more than one area.



Prepare two contemporary monologues lasting no more than three minutes in total. The monologues should be selected from plays written within the 21st century. They should contrast in style, revealing two sides of the student's abilities and be characters that are close to the student in age. They should not be from musicals, stand-alone monologue collections, or one person shows.

Musical Theater

Prepare one contemporary monologue from a play written within the 21st century, and two short contrasting song selections (32 bars in length). One song selection should be written prior to 1965 and selections may be from the musical theater or popular music repertoire.

If you are auditioning at one of the off-campus events, you will need to provide recorded accompaniment of your songs from a phone or music player. Sound equipment will be provided to connect to the headphone jack of your device. You may use your own sound equipment if you prefer.

If you are auditioning on campus in Athens, an accompanist will be provided, or you may bring your own. You may also choose to use pre-recorded accompaniment.

Dance Call

If auditioning on campus in Athens, or at NYC or Chicago Unifieds, you will participate in a group dance audition — wear clothes in which you can move freely. Jazz or character shoes preferred, tap shoes not needed. Time to change from prepared audition dress will be allotted. There will not be a dance audition at the LA Unifieds, although you may submit a dance video if you wish.


For students who have additional performance strengths that they wish to share during the audition, please present one additional 32 bar song selection in which you sing and self-accompany on your instrument. You may also submit video of a short solo dance piece, not to exceed one minute.

Both (Acting and Musical Theater)

Prepare two contemporary monologues as described in Acting, and two short songs as described in Musical Theater.

Production Design and Technology

The faculty will review your portfolio. In addition to light plots, costume renderings, set designs, painters elevations, photographs, or slides of any theatrical work you have done your portfolio can include: sketches, drawings, paintings, doodling, poetry, short stories, or collages. In short, include anything that you have created that represents your aesthetic and/or your creative impulses.


You will need to submit a writing sample of at least 10 pages in length to playwriting faculty (up to 30 pages in total maximum) one week in advance of the scholarship day you are attending (or one week in advance of a planned visit). Though dramatic writing samples are typically preferred, writing samples can be any creative writing or academic/scholarly writing that you believe best represents your voice as an artist. Writing samples may be mailed to the Theater Division as hard copies, or emailed as PDF or Word attachments to ramseye@ohio.edu.

Stage Management

Your interview will consist of a review of your resume, which should list all appropriate high school and, if applicable, community experience. You may bring a production book if you have one, but it is not required. Stage Managers may also bring a portfolio of other production work you have done, anything that represents your experience with stage production is appropriate.