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Steven Kachurik


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Steven Kachurik

MFA Film Student

Steven was born and raised in Sugar Land, Texas. From the beginning, he had a love for films that bordered on obsession. His earliest inspirations were Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and the Lord of the Rings films. As he got older, he delved into the broader reaches of film, with the works of Stanley Kubrick and Akira Kurosawa being his biggest present sources of inspiration. He has always wanted to be a filmmaker, but he didn't make his first film until he was 23. He contributes his late blooming to laziness and lack of motivation, but he is ready to put that behind him and finally become a filmmaker. Steven hopes to learn everything there is to the filmmaking process. He wants to create stories that are strange and unique, but also greatly accessible for a mass audience. He wants each of his films to be a fresh experience, both for himself and for his audience. He wishes for his films to encompass a great variety of genres in order to fully capture the widest range of the "Human Experience". He is beyond excited at attending Ohio University and thinks it is a great opportunity for creativity and collaboration. Steven hopes this to be only the beginning of a long and fruitful career as a filmmaker.