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Spring 2023 PL 1090 Performance Lab Performance Request Procedure

Live performances will occur from 12:55-1:50 PM
Wednesday, April 5 (101 and Recital Hall)
Wednesday, April 12 (101 and Recital Hall)
Wednesday, April 19 (101 and Recital Hall)

For April 12 and 19, performances must be limited to 10 minutes or less and priority will be given to students seeking PL performance credit for their major, seniority, and first-come, first-serve. For April 5, longer submissions and those from ALL students will be considered, first-come; first-serve.

Steps to Follow

● Consult with your applied professor about whether or not you have PL performance degree requirements and if so, which date would work best for you.

● If applicable, get permission from your collaborative pianist and/or chamber musicians for the performance BEFORE filling out the form.

● Fill out and submit the appropriate online form below. Be sure to read the instructions on the form and answer ALL the questions that apply to you. Please skip any questions that do not apply to you.

● Upon receipt of the form, Dr. Rischin or Kate Walcher will contact you, your applied instructor, and collaborative pianist (if applicable) for approval.

● A program for your room and date will then be made, posted on Blackboard and the PL bulletin board, and emailed to you, the other musicians, and your applied instructor.

Spring 2023 Pl Performance Request Form Links

Spring 2023 PL Solo Performance Request Form

Spring 2023 PL Chamber Performance Request Form

For PL on April 5, deadline for submission is Fri, Mar 24 at 11:59pm.

For PL on April 12, deadline for submission is Fri, Mar 31 at 11:59pm.

For PL on April 19, deadline for submission is Fri, Apr 7 at 11:59pm.

Please double check the answers to all the questions BEFORE you submit the form.

Questions? Contact Dr. Rischin at OR Kate Walcher at