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Discovering The Fine Arts in Great Britain Summer


May 15–June 7, 2020
Application Deadline is March 1st

Overview of the Program

Costs & Tuition
Financial Aid

Live in London, and take day trips to Stonehenge, Avebury and Windsor Castle!

This is a unique opportunity to spend four fascinating and challenging weeks in the heart of London. For those of you with an art background, this is a wonderful way to expand your knowledge of contemporary art practices and art history. If you have no background in the visual arts (none is required), you will learn a variety of new ways to consider and explore art and architecture. This program also provides you with diverse cultural and social experiences outside the visual arts.

What makes our Great Britain courses so different than our courses taught on campus? Unlike courses taught on campus, all classes in G.B. are taught directly on site. These cities are your classroom. Thinking about and studying art and art history directly from the object, and if possible within its proper context, is an exciting and unforgettable experience. Students find they learn art history much faster & gain new insights about already familiar art by studying original works. Art students will explore London’s contemporary art world, which many critics feel is the most dynamic in the world.

Students will also attend once in a lifetime special exhibitions. Previous exhibitions have included the art of Dali, Rembrandt, Magritte, the Impressionists, Orientalism, Art of the Aztecs, The Victorian Nude, Star Wars, Warhol, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, the Pre-Raphaelites, contemporary British art, and much, much more. Our instructors know London intimately, and are avid Anglophiles. You will love their enthusiasm and knowledge of British art, theater and culture!



All Majors Welcome

Students from all majors are welcome. NO prior knowledge of art or art history is required. Over half the students who attend this program are not fine arts students. The diverse backgrounds of our students help make this program incredibly interesting for participants.


  • All day private bus trip & tour of prehistoric Stonehenge and Avebury
  • All day private bus trip & tour of Windsor Castle and the village of Windsor
  • Ride on the famous London Eye ferris wheel
  • Attend a play at Shakespeare’s Globe outdoor theatre
  • Attend a West End musical such as The Book of Mormon or War Horse
  • Final group dinner at a trendy London restaurant

Total Number of Student Participants

Participation is limited to the first 15 accepted students. Enrollment is on a rolling basis, meaning that the first 15 students who apply and are accepted will attend. We recommend you apply as soon as possible as all spaces may have been filled before we reach the official deadline application date of February 15, 2020.

Course Offerings

Our Wide Variety of Course Options, including a Tier II, Tier III, Junior Writing Class, and Museum Studies. View our course offerings page for a complete list of course options with details about each class.

View course offerings page.

Assistance from the Office of Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid has a person who is an expert on helping those who receive financial aid understand the various financial options when you wish to participate in an education abroad program. You should contact Amber Brookins. Her email is

While she may not be able to point you towards new sources of funding, she can help you budget next year’s financial aid package to help cover this summer’s education abroad program.  If you are currently receiving other Ohio University scholarships or grants, she can tell you if those can be used during the summer.  She may also recommend smaller grants you are eligible to apply for. In other words, if you have financial questions, Erin is the person you should speak with at the Office of Financial Aid.

Note Regarding Your Summer Tuition

Because you are paying full tuition for the UK summer program, keep in mind this enables you to take a total of 20 credit hours of classes during the 2 OU summer sessions combined. In other words, if you sign up for 12 credit hours for the UK 1st summer session program, you can still sign up for 8 additional credit hours during summer 2018.

Here Are Several Reasons For You To Consider This Program

A full semester’s worth of courses in 3 weeks

Students are enrolled full time. Undergraduates are required to enroll for at least 12 credit hours, and graduate students for 9 credit hours. These classes are completed during this 3 week program. When considering the overall cost of enrolling full time for a semester on campus (housing, food, tuition, books, etc.), the London program is no more or even less expensive than earning the same number of credit hours in Athens.

Take required general education, Tier III and junior writing course in London

We offer many courses that all Ohio University students are required to take, including a Gen Ed Fine Arts course, Tier 3 course, and Junior Writing course. 
Get accepted into the Museum Studies Certificate Program and take the first required Museum Studies course in London

This is a new opportunity we are offering students of all majors for the first time. Students who would like to be accepted into the very popular Museum Studies Certificate can apply for this program now. When accepted you can then take the first required introductory course in London. This should be a very interesting experience for you, as you will be visiting some of the finest museums (not just art museums) in the world, a great way to learn.

Enroll in second summer semester courses for no additional cost

Because you must enroll full time this summer to participate in the London program, this means undergraduates have paid for up to 20 credit hours of courses during the 2 summer sessions combined. Graduate students have paid for up to 18 credit hours during the 2 summer sessions combined. This means that an undergraduate who enrolls in 12 credit hours in London during first summer session can return to the USA and then enroll in 8 additional credit hours during 2nd summer session. The typical grad student can enroll in 9 additional credit hours during 2nd summer session.


For study abroad programs, Ohio University non-resident (out of state) and international students do not have to pay the non-resident surcharge, meaning they only pay the resident or in-state tuition cost. This saves each of these students nearly $5,000, making this trip an incredible deal for those students. 

Unforgettable special activities you will experience

The program fee includes many special adventures outside the classroom that you will enjoy:

All day private bus trip & tour of prehistoric Stonehenge and Avebury
All day private bus trip & tour of Windsor Castle and the village of Windsor

Ride on the famous London Eye ferris wheel

Attend a play at Shakespeare’s Globe outdoor theatre
Attend a West End musical such as The Book of Mormon or War Horse
Final group dinner at a trendy London restaurant

Number of Courses You Must Enroll In

All participating students MUST be enrolled full time. Undergrads must take a minimum of 12 credit hours (the maximum allowed is 20 credit hours); graduate students must enroll for a minimum of 9 hours (18 credit hours maximum). This equates to 3-4 classes.

Note to Students Outside the College of Fine Arts

Students outside the College of Fine Arts are an important part of this program. You are welcome and encouraged to attend. Over half the participating students come from majors outside the School of Art and College of Fine Arts. While most of you will take the art, art history and theater courses we offer, you are strongly encouraged to work out an independent study course or project to complete in the U.K. with an Ohio University professor from your own discipline or major.

Why Graduate Students Should Consider This Program

Graduate students find this program extraordinarily useful. Most return to Ohio University with many new ideas that enrich their own art making and transform their thesis show. Art History grad students find that viewing original works of art on a daily basis much improves their understanding of art history, and many conduct research in London directly related to their MA thesis.


(Undergraduate fee only - see Graduate Worksheet for cost for Graduate Students.)

Apartment (Flat) in Central London

We will reside in very nice apartments just off Russell Square and almost next door to the British Museum. Whether you decide to take the Underground train, a bus or walk, this is a perfect location in central London. Students will share these large furnished apartments (the British call them flats) with 4-6 other students. Each fully furnished flat has a fully equipped kitchen, a TV, dishwasher and large refrigerator. A laundry room with washers and driers are available for free in your building. These facilities enable you to cook your own meals and launder your clothes in the comfort of your apartment while in London. View Acorn London Flats.

Internet Access

WiFi access in your London flat.

Use of a Great Britain Cell Phone

Each participant will be given a Great Britain cell phone while you are abroad. This can be used for local calls and texts, & calling the USA. This also gives your friends and family a way to call you directly from the USA. This is a basic & simple pay-as-you-go type phone, meaning that while the phone is provided for you, you will need to pay for the cell phone minutes you use.

Cell Phone Deposit: Please keep in mind that the phone belongs to Ohio University, so you must reimburse Ohio University if you lose it. You will be required to sign a contract agreeing to pay the program a $60 charge if you fail to return the phone and all is accessories in full working order at the end of the program.




Private Guided Bus Tour of London

We will have our own private bus tour of London complete with professional guide on our first full day in London.

Two All-Day Guided Bus Trips: Stonehenge/Avebury and Windsor Castle

We will take 2 all day bus trips outside of London. A professional guide travels with us both days. Our first trip will take us to prehistoric Stonehenge and Avebury, which takes us into the picturesque countryside of Wiltshire. The second adventure will be to historic Windsor Castle and the town of Windsor.



Two World Class Plays

You will attend a Shakespearean play at the famous outdoor New Globe Theatre on the banks of the River Thames. You will also attend one world class West End play such as War Horse.



London Eye Ferris Wheel Ride

At dusk we will take a London Eye ride on the world’s tallest ferris wheel. This is a great way to gain a sense of central London and beyond.



Museum & Gallery Entry Fees

While most museums have free admission to their permanent collections, they all charge a fee for special exhibitions. The program will pay for some of these special admission fees.

Final Evening Group Dinner in London

We will share a group meal on our final evening in London. This will be held at the trendy and lively Brown's Restaurant, located in Covent Garden. You will have a three-course meal chosen from a special menu.



Health Insurance Coverage While in Great Britain

As a participant in an Ohio University study abroad program, you are automatically enrolled in a supplemental health insurance plan through HTH Worldwide Health Insurance Services prior to departure. HTH has an extensive network of providers around the world, and online services to help you plan for medical care before you leave and while you are in London. Once enrolled in the program, you will receive a description of HTH benefits and covered medical expenses. In addition, you will receive an insurance card prior to your departure. Please carry this insurance card with you at all times while you are overseas. This insurance costs only $28.52/month/student, and is included in the program fee.


Air Transportation

It is your responsibility to book your round trip ticket to & from London. Keep in mind that there are two London airports, Heathrow and Gatwick. Heathrow is much closer to central London than Gatwick, and consequently the cost of traveling to our apartments is less. Gatwick does provide an excellent and direct train that takes you into central London within 30 minutes.

Some students decide to remain in Europe after the program ends, flying back from an airport other than London. Please feel free to do this, keeping in mind that you will not be able to rent your London apartment after the program ends on June 12 unless you make individual reservations in advance.

Some of you may wish to travel from Heathrow Airport with your instructors on a shuttle bus that will take us directly to our London apartments. If you wish to do this, you MUST purchase a ticket on the same flight that your professors will be traveling on. Please contact Jody Lamb for details regarding this flight if you wish to take advantage of this direct transportation. If this service does not matter to you, you will be provided with detailed travel instructions from both Heathrow and Gatwick airports to your apartment.

Please Remember Regarding Dates: The day you depart from the USA is May 15, 2020, meaning you arrive in London on May 16, 2020. Do NOT book a ticket that gets you to London on May 15, because your apartment will not yet be available. Should you book a ticket arriving in London on May 15 you would need to book your own hotel for that night.


Even if you are accepted into the program, the program might still be canceled if the minimum number of students do not enroll. This means that if the program has to be canceled and you have already purchased a ticket, you might get only a partial refund from your airline or be forced to use it within a certain period of time or lose the entire cost of your ticket.

I will keep you up to date regarding when you can order your ticket and what flight I will be using.



All students must pay for the cost of tuition, just as you would if you were attending summer classes on the Athens campus. All participants must enroll as a full time student (minimum of 12 credit hours for undergraduate students, or 9 credit hours for graduate students). The tuition fees for the 2015-16 academic year (including summer 2016) are:

  • Undergraduate, resident: This figure is generally between $5,300–$5,900 based on the OHIO Guarantee the year you enrolled at Ohio University. Remember, international and non-resident students pay this resident amount (saving about $5,000)
  • Graduate, resident: $4,722
  • The schedule for these fees can be found on the Bursar’s website.
  • Study Abroad Administrative Fee: $150
  • Estimated Airfare: $1,700
  • Meals: $1,100
    • The kitchens in your apartments are fully equipped, so you will be able to cook all your meals there if you choose. There are two grocery stores at the Brunswick Centre just 3 minutes from our flats. We are also literally surrounded by restaurants, many of which are inexpensive due to the fact that the University of London is nearby, and there are several local pubs that serve good food.
  • Travel in London: London Underground and Bus transportation: $250
    • This provides you with unlimited use of the London Underground (Tube) and Bus Systems.
  • Supplies for Your Classes: $175
    • Course specific lists of required supplies or texts will be provided to you by each of your instructors. The art history courses will require just an inexpensive text.
  • New Passport: $165
    • Details about your passport (order this ASAP): You should order your passport ASAP. The estimated time to receive a passport is currently 10 weeks. You can visit the U.S. Passports and International Travel website to download a copy of the DS-11 passport form.
    • You can also order your passport by going to the Athens County Courthouse, 4th floor (740-592-3242). The passport fee is $110, and there is ALSO a $25 processing fee, bringing the total cost to $135. There will also be a fee for the photos for your passport. When applying, you must bring a valid driver's license and an original birth certificate or a certified copy of it (this means with an official stamp which has left a raised seal imprint).
    • For more information on accepted documentation, read questions & answers when applying for a passport.
    • You must send in 2 official passport photographs (from places like the Post Office on Stimson Avenue, FedEx, CVS or elsewhere); you cannot bring a snapshot because a passport photograph is a special heatproof photo. You can receive your passport within 2-3 weeks if it is expedited; the additional fee is $60 plus the cost of envelopes both ways, costing $27, bringing the cost of this service to $87 plus the $135 for the passport, or $222 total. You can also take all you completed forms and photos to the Post Office on Stimson Avenue and they will make certain all is in order. You can mail the completed forms there. 
  • Incidentals/Personal Expenses: $550 estimate
    • This is difficult to estimate, as it varies tremendously from student to student, depending upon how frugal you are. London is a very expensive city, so it is easy to spend a great deal of money if you are not careful.


Undergraduate Students

Total estimated cost for Undergraduates: $5,030 + full tuition

Download the Student Budget Worksheet [pdf]

Program Fee: $999
Study Abroad Administrative Fee: $150
Out-of-Pocket Costs (estimates):
Passport & photos: $165
Round-trip airfare: $1,700
Meals (lunch & dinner): $1,100
London transportation: $250
Supplies and Textbooks: $175
Personal Expenses/Incidentals: $550

Total Out-of-Pocket Costs: $4040

Graduate Students

Total estimated cost for Graduate students: $10,126

Download the Student Budget Worksheet for graduate students [pdf]




Deadline to Apply for the Program: February 15, 2020
Participation is limited to the first 15 accepted students

You must fill out the Office of Global Opportunities (OGO) online application form to apply for the program. This form is available on the homepage of the OEA website. You need TWO letters of recommendation. The OEA will inform you by email whether or not you have been offered a place on the program a few days after Jody Lamb reviews your application.

You will not be officially accepted into the program until:

  1. You have submitted the online program application form available at the Global Opportunities website.
  2. You have received an official nomination email from Professor Lamb and you have followed the instructions in the nomination email to officially confirm your acceptance.
  3. You have paid your $500 deposit (see below). No one else will be accepted after 20 students make their deposit, but we will keep a waiting list in case someone drops out.


A $500 nonrefundable deposit will be due at the time you accept your nomination to the program. A deposit slip will be attached to your nomination email. You must print this out and take it to the cashier’s office in Chubb Hall along with your $500 deposit. The balance of the program cost will probably be applied to each student’s Ohio University account before Summer Semester fees are applied.


Office of Global Opportunities Summer Grant Deadline:

Please also check the extensive Funding for education abroad page on the Global Opportunities website.

Office of Financial Aid Contact Person

You can also use part of your financial aid package towards the cost of this program. If you want to know for sure exactly what and how your financial aid will work I recommend that you make an appointment as soon as possible to meet with Julie Murphy ( in the Financial Aid office. You will need to email her to make an appointment. She does not do walk-ins. Take a copy of the student budget worksheet with you to the meeting. She can also advise you on options that may be available to you for paying for this program.

Graduate Student Senate Travel Scholarship

GSS travel scholarships of a maximum of $500 are available. Learn more about the Graduate Student Senate Travel Award.




Ohio University Office of Global Opportunities suggests you follow the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control for healthy travel to your destination: Please familiarize yourself with these recommendations and requirements prior to applying to a program. Refer to the State Department site for information related to safety and security at this destination:

Requesting accommodation for disabilities

If you plan to participate in an Ohio University-sponsored study abroad program and wish to request accommodation, you should contact the Office of Disability Services (ODS) to schedule an appointment to complete an Education Abroad Disability Accommodation Request Form. We recommend you do this as early as possible to allow sufficient time to determine what accommodations may be made for this program.

Entry and exit requirements

U.S. citizens are required to have a valid U.S. passport when traveling outside of the United States. If you plan to study or travel abroad in the next year, apply for your passport now: Some countries also require a visa to legally enter and reside in the country. Entry and exit requirements for this country can be found at:….

US citizens won’t need a visa or other special documents to enter the UK for the length of this program. You may need to show sufficient funds to support yourself while in-country. Please also note that visa requirements may vary if you plan to stay in the country longer than the program dates or travel to other countries during or after the program. Please familiarize yourself with these recommendations and requirements prior to applying to a program.

For more specific visa related information please visit OEA's Visa Information Page. Information for NON-US citizens can be found here.


If you have any questions, please contact Jody Lamb, Director of this program, work phone 740-593-1811, email address If you call the office number you can set up an appointment by speaking with the administrative asst. Professor Lamb is located in Jennings House, one of the buildings at the top of Jeff Hill.

Professor Jody Lamb, Associate Dean
College of Fine Arts
Jennings House, 54 East Union Street
Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701
phone: 740-593-1812
fax: 740-593-0570

Office of Global Opportunities contact person:
Please contact  Emily Englehart at 740-593-4329 or Her office is at the Walter International Education Center, 15 Park Place (directly beside Baker Center). To learn more visit us online at Office of Global Opportunities (OGO).