Ohio University

“This is what home and community feels like” Interior Architecture grad Allee Amstutz reminisces on time spent at OHIO

Growing up, Alexandrea Amstutz was always intrigued by decorating and reconfiguring her bedroom. In a way, Amstutz knew that she’d end up studying interior architecture.

Her career path was solidified when she found her community in Ohio University’s College of Fine Arts.

“I chose Interior Architecture as my area of study because I have always had an interest in how design can effect and enhance our everyday lives, and I chose OHIO because it allowed me to express myself in creative ways I never knew existed,” Amstutz explained.

A first-generation student, Amstutz graduated with a bachelor’s degree in interior architecture with a minor in marketing in May 2020. Since June, Amstutz has been working as an interior designer at Hixon Architecture, Engineering, Interiors in Cincinnati.

“I want to be a part of helping enhance the lives of people through design,” she noted. “Interior design is where my passion lies so I feel that I will be happy and feel accomplished in no matter what I do. I would like to credit all of the faculty at OHIO who went that extra length for me and made me feel so empowered as a student. The faculty’s support and drive to expand my body of knowledge has made me the passionate designer I am today.”

Amstutz is more than a passionate designer, she’s a passionate advocate for the arts. She’s a known fundraiser for the College of Fine Arts.

“I believe that the arts is such a special virtue that we value here at Ohio University and in Athens so giving back to these amazing events that our faculty work so hard to put on for us is really my own way as a student to say thank you to them,” Amstutz said. “Visiting artist and all open studios for undergrads is such a beneficial experience that we can’t afford to diminish.”

A member of the School of Arts + Design Art Ambassadors, president of Interior Architecture Design Group, president of Art Ambassadors, and a former executive member of Project for The Kids, Amstutz has made the most of her time at Ohio University.

She’ll miss time spent in Grover Center in the interior architecture studios, along with the lifelong friends she’s made and the relationships she formed with OHIO’s faculty. They’ve helped her overcome more than they might know.

“As young adults we all go through our own struggles and tribulations but with the support of the people we surround ourselves at OHIO can help us overcome anything. Sadly, my sophomore year, I lost my father unexpectedly,” Amstutz said. “With the help of my friends, and especially my professors, I was able to really dive deep into my studies and it really made a difference in my grieving process and overcoming that sadness.”

While she was a bit emotional to graduate with the world in a state of uncertainty, Amstutz found comfort in knowing she’s a part of the Bobcat Family for life.

“This is what home and community feels like,” she said. “If you want to leave your mark on a place and make a difference in your life and the lives of others, OHIO is the place where you need to be."

Editor’s note: This story was originally published in May 2020 when Allee Amstutz graduated. It has since been updated to include new information.