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Undergraduate Studio Thesis Artists

Graduating BFA Student Thesis Projects
Spring 2020

This page features the work and profiles of graduating BFA students completing studio thesis projects in the School of Art + Design. The student artists represented here— wide range of studio practice, material exploration, and creative research.

Hannah Truman - Ceramics

Brightly colored ceramics and fabrics

Hannah Truman’s work features a variety of media which gives a visual presence to the invisible illness of depression. Through use of fiber, clay, and shadow she depicts a major symptom known as anhedonia. This is the loss of interest and pleasure in the things previously found enjoyable. Truman hopes for people to find their own relations to this piece and have it open up conversations about mental illness to begin to shine light on how many people have experienced it.

Instagram: @arttrum
Facebook: Truman Art @arttrum 
Website: htruman16.wixsite.com/mysite

Will Daughters - Photo and Integrated Media 

Artwork with text that reads "fruitcake"

FRUITCAKE is an expression of the vulnerability of choice. Choosing one’s identity is something that everyone does. It is a natural thing, but in some circumstances, it is hard to make the honest choices. 

Instagram: @william.daughters.photograph 

Ayla Towns – Ceramics

Clay objects

This work conveys a moment in time, comprised of domestic objects from an imaginative state in which I am a child living with my biological family. Through the simplistic and monochromatic rendering, I further lend to this "memory" I am creating that is not really there. The objects exist in an in-between state, fired but not glazed, reflecting upon this unfinished, limbo narrative. 

Contact Information: at396715@ohio.edu

Gia Veltre – Painting + Drawing

Painting with red and black

I create a series of large-scale oil paintings that consists of culture’s judgment of non-traditional bodies. I like to use the body as a way to celebrate perceived imperfections. My paintings are to be seen as a way of confronting self-examination. Through a careful examination of the body, I wish to celebrate the fragile body’s individuality and challenge society’s scrutiny of an unassuming body.


Maddie Jones – Photography and Integrated Media

two figures on the beach

My work is mostly 35mm colored film. I am focusing on communities and the people that are important to me. I have an obsession with capturing memories and holding onto them. My photos are candid and capture the moment as it’s happening so I can look back and remember these special moments with the people I care about the most. 


Mary Popa – Painting + Drawing

trash cans with paper bag art

My work prompts the viewer to reflect upon themselves. The cycle of life includes our use of material goods. How can you be a good consumer? 

Artist Website
Email: mk359114@ohio.edu
Instagram: @ladygouge

Daniella Cua – Printmaking and Graphic Design

handmade book

I strive to create work that explores the unknown, more specifically I create based on myths, folklore, legends, space, and conspiracy theories. My thesis is a collection of four mythological book that can be seen on my instagram.

Instagram: @art.cua

Kayla Zehner – Photography and Integrated Media

girl sits in kitchen

“Rat Tails and Coffee Cups'' is about me being young and finding structure in the communities that we form as young adults. It is about trying to enjoy this point in my life to the fullest while being aware of its inevitable end that will come with a sense of loss. This is a feeling I had while growing up, after my family not only lost our home but also was split apart at a young age. Being conscious of something's inevitable end before it happens is its own kind of nostalgia and this worrying makes me want to hold on to it that much more.


Lila Fisher – Sculpture + Expanded Practices

Text reads "I took you for granted"

This thesis is the release of a twelve-year buildup. Growing up with a chronically ill parent, I felt I had to suppress any fear or sadness I felt. My goal when creating this work to allow those thoughts and emotions to finally physically exist. The wax Lamentation is made of is as vulnerable and impermanent as grief itself. 

Instagram: @femmedump
Email: liladf947@gmail.com

Jenna Schmidt - Ceramics

Ceramics on white background

The ability to produce a body of work that serves a daily purpose is something that drives my work.  In order for my pots to be successful, they must work well for their intended use.  This establishes a relationship with the user that grows over time.  The forms I generate are simple forms that can act as a canvas for the movement of the flame that occurs during the firing process


John Piper – Printmaking

Cartoon of two people

The Adventures of Liam and Kyle is a series of digital comics about two characters who are friends despite their different political affiliations. I wanted to show the stereotypes of conservative and liberals between these characters, yet still hold their friendship. I created this series so I can publish it on social media. I feel that this is a relevant topic today, and I want to put my opinion out for people to see.


Karli Kaufman – Painting + Drawing

Kids Toys with text

My work focuses on educating individuals about sexual assault and providing ways of coping with it. I decided the best way to do this was through the use of educational children’s toys. Toys are often used to teach children about shapes, colors, and the alphabet. My thought is, why can’t we become educated about another tough topic this way as well? 

Facebook:  Karli Kaufman
Instagram: @kkaufman.art
Email Karlibear729@gmail.com

Alex Myer – Printmaking

Abstract painting

My art reflects ideas of positivity and self-awareness through physical forms of mental transformation, using visual imagery to instill positive thoughts in the individual. This is achieved through using the figure to portray positive and powerful posture. This work will be interactive as a pedestal will be provided to stand on and impersonate these figures in the space while backlit by their own casting shadow on the work. Practicing these postures will give the viewer a temporary sense of satisfaction, therefore enabling them to sample the effects of these simple physical changes.

Email: alex.myer19@gmail.com
Instagram: @alexmyer555

Amanda Vartorella – Printmaking and Graphic Design


My artwork focuses on the issue of animal welfare within the industry of animal agriculture. I do so through both design and printmaking, combining the two practices to portray individual factors that create a larger meaning as a whole. My work deals with these subjects in order to speak for the voiceless individuals that live in a world that chooses not to hear them.

Instagram: @amandavartorella
Website: amandavartorella.com

Brooklynn Bailey – Painting + Drawing

Wolf in dark landscape

My work is primarily about codependency and how it can be part of a healthy relationship. I use color, pose, expression, and text to illustrate different facets of being mutually dependent and devoted to a romantic partner. The figures in each piece are animals as they better express emotions and they can personify the concepts represented in the work.

Email: ob262715@ohio.edu
Instagram: @scapegoatazazel


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