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Dance: Junior Project (virtual) Showing

Dance: Junior Project (virtual) Showing

School of Dance Presents:
The Junior Project (Virtual) Showing 

In response to COVID-19, Junior dance majors continue to create and reimagine their work. Choreographic projects once conceived as group pieces, were reimagined, created, edited, and compiled as solo projects in a new digital streaming virtual show

The concert showcases eight original works that speak to the unique challenges of being quarantined. Explorations of how one creates, defines, adapts, and (re)claims the spaces we inhabit are choreographed in cars, rooms, in the shadows of trees, in expansive outdoor spaces, and alongside powerful machines. The dancers used the imposed limitations of physical distancing to create inspired new dance works and possibilities.

This project fulfills a requirement of the Advanced Composition course needed to complete the B.F.A. and prepares them for the culminating work of the Senior Capstone. 

This Junior Project Showing is presented by the School of Dance at Ohio University. All questions can be directed to Christi Camper Moore, by email to campermo@ohio.edu.

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Total run time: About 55 minutes

Junior Dance Virtual Show banner 2020


The Places We Are

Choreographed and Performed by: Celina Morris
Music: Michael Wall “Reload”

The Places We Are, choreographed and performed by Celina Morris, provides insight on how familiar locations both directly and indirectly affect an individual. The places that each person occupies become a part of them. In turn, each person becomes a part of these places. This piece explores the manifestation of one dancer’s past memories associated with significant places, as well as embodiment of the physical space and its qualities. Whether it be through lingering reminiscence or sensation upon arrival, the individual and environment connect. Naturally, the places we go become The Places We Are.

Celina Morris is a student at Ohio University, currently pursuing a BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography (2021). She has trained in dance for 19 years. Celina is also an instructor and choreographer at Transitions School of Dance, Chillicothe, Ohio. Most recently, Celina was the Sound Manager at Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium for the Ohio University Winter Dance Concert (2020). She has participated in multiple Senior Dance Concerts and Winter Dance Concerts during her time at Ohio University (2017-2020). Celina is based in Chillicothe, Ohio.

Apertum Clausus

Choreographed and Performed by: Zoe Miller
Music: Michael Wall “Downstream (Float Away)”

Apertum Clausus is a work choreographed and performed by Zoe Miller. Derived from the Latin roots for ‘open closed’, Apertum Clausus explores the action of embrace. A woman wearing soft neutral clothing, surrounded by a wooded area, exhibits circularity in her limbs and spine, while displaying sudden interruptions of directness within her fluid movement vocabulary. Her carving motions mirror qualities of the wind and water, where in contrast, the abrupt breaks of linear qualities resemble the scaffolding that the timber supplies. Fusing the relationship between self and nature, she contorts her body while yielding her weight into various surfaces of the earth around her, compelling her embrace onto the landscape.

Zoe Miller is a third-year undergraduate student at Ohio University pursuing a BFA in Performance and Choreography and a certificate in Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies, expecting to graduate in Spring 2021. She has choreographed for and performed in numerous student and faculty works with esteemed choreographers including Travis Gatling, Zelma Badu-Younge, and Alexandra Beller. Her recent solo work, Still Wind, was chosen for the American College Dance Association (Western Michigan University, 2020). Zoe currently holds the title of Head of Programming for the Movement Organization and teaches a weekly modern class for a local non-profit dance studio. Her additional interests include dance production and feminist theory.


Choreographed and Performed by: Jessica Trumble
Music: Michael Wall “Cat Beard”

Dispersion, the newest work performed and choreographed by Jessica Trumble and set to the music of Michael Wall. The piece explores expanding, contracting, isolating, and suspending the body in relationship to the surrounding space and folding chair. Shifting and pulsing multicolored floor lights compliment a chaotic scattered entryway in the corner of a worn and weathered apartment.

Jessica Trumble will graduate from Ohio University with a BFA in performance and choreography (2021). She began her dance training in 2003 with primary study in Ballet, Modern, and several international dance forms. Jessica’s performances credits at Ohio University includes the World Music and Dance Festival 2017, and Junior Dance Concert 2018. Her experiences of traveling internatiosnally often influence her choreographic and teaching practices. Jessica is bilingual and biliterate in English and Spanish. She has also been the recipient of multiple academic scholarships.

hankering commonality

Choreographed and Performed by: Amanda Grega
Music: Michael Wall “Enotrope”

The most recent work created and performed by Amanda Grega, hankering commonality explores the need for normalcy during a time of drastic change. This video performance captures how one lives or views their life through a window during uncertain times of chaos. As Grega comes in contact with and interacts with a window she tries to find a place to fit and yield into it just as one yields into change. The rebounding nature of Grega’s movement quality calls on the fighting of changes and how giving into change is not always easy.

Amanda Grega is a student at Ohio University pursuing a BFA in Dance: Performance and Choreography Class of 2021. Grega is also taking classes to earn her bachelor’s degree in nutrition. Most recently, Grega performed in Jessica Lynn Fox’ premiere work Memory Scroll 437: the things that stick to us (2019) and Alexandra Beller’s work, The journey here was as long as it was wide, but taller. (2020). In fall of 2019 Grega created and performed her own solo work, forward, onward, and to The Backward as a part of Ohio University’s Movement Organization concert.

Hollowed Spaces

Choreographed and Performed by: Ria Vahi
Music: Michael Wall “That Painting”

Hollowed Spaces explores small spaces and how one’s body responds to the restrictions and limitations. This piece, choreographed and performed by Ria Vahi, explores the possibilities of being tied and bound to a certain space while having the freedom to mingle and intertwine with the technical aspects of the little tiny enclosed space. Created inside a car, Hollowed Spaces explores freedom within boundaries.

Ria Vahi is pursuing BFA in Performance and Choreography at Ohio University and is expected to graduate in May 2021. She has been dancing and creating movement since 2005. Ria has performed in works by Gladys Balin-Stern, Lisa Ford Moulton, and Zelma Badu-Younge and has worked with distinguished guest artists including Alexandra Beller and Jessica Lynn Fox. As a performer, Ria researches and explores how to be more authentic to movement and how to use the internal sensations of the body as a way to move.

Touch the surface, but

Choreographed and Performed by: Zoe Meadows
Original Composition by: Nate Sahr

Zoe Meadows’ latest solo work, titled Touch the surface, but, is accompanied by an original composition created by Nate Sahr. Utilizing the sculptural form of the body, the movement maintains a steady pace, occasionally interrupted by moments of accent reflected in the repetitive acoustic melody of the music. Through hunched shapes, reaching hands, and sinking movements, the solo examines performativity of self, balancing self-judgement and intuitional impulses.

Zoe Meadows is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance performance and choreography and Certificate of entrepreneurship through the Honors Tutorial College at Ohio University, expecting to graduate in the spring of 2021. Her latest work, "shoaling," premiered at the Movement Concert on November 7th, 2019. Combining improvisational scores with set movement phrases, this work exemplified Zoe’s interest in combining post-modern choreographic methods with a shape-based vocabulary. Zoe also recently performed in Alexandra Beller’s work "the journey here was as long as it was wide...but taller" as part of Ohio University’s Winter Dance Concert.


Choreographed and Performed by: Martina Costanza
Music: BenSound “Relaxing”

Prometheus is an exploration of the belief systems in Greek Mythology, specifically surrounding the ethics of science and technology. The dancer, who takes on the role of Prometheus, often referred to as the god of foresight, moves under beams of light created by streetlamps. The dark, rainy, setting for the dance is juxtaposed by the lightness, and continuation of the movement, inspired by Prometheus’s tendency towards perseverance and empathy.

Martina Costanza is currently working towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance at Ohio University, on track to graduate in the Spring of 2021. Martina began dancing at a small studio in 2005, which led her to attend competitions, and become part of her high school Dance Company program. Martina’s primary studies have been in Modern, Ballet, and Jazz, with additional training in various dance forms including traditional Chinese, and African. Martina plans to pursue a master’s degree in Movement Therapy from Antioch University, beginning in the fall of 2021.

24 Hour Maintenance

Choreographed and Performed by: Emma Konjevich

24 Hour Maintenance is a solo work choreographed and performed by Emma Konjevich. The piece explores the concept of inner versus outer within the design of mechanisms and how parts may or may not work harmoniously together. The fluctuation of movement and energies throughout the work visually reflect the innerworkings of mechanisms and how they support the machine as whole. Drawing movement inspiration from the seven simple machines, such as inclined plane and screw, Konjevich uses the basic components of mechanical motion in a way that also feels organic to the human body. In doing so, Konjevich examines what a machine, or a body, requires in order to function effectively and efficiently.

Emma Konjevich is a fourth-year student at Ohio University working towards her BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography as well as her BS in Applied Mathematics. She began dancing in 2001 and has trained in many styles. Konjevich has experience in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, contemporary, hip hop, musical theater, as well as competitive ballroom dancing. Most recently, she performed in the Winter Dance Concert at Ohio University in the piece In Between Light choreographed by Travis Gatling.