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Recent Acquisitions: exhibition features storytelling through practices of collecting

Recent Acquisitions: exhibition features storytelling through practices of collecting
Kennedy Opening Reception for Recent Acquisitions 2019. Photo by Riley Perone.


Dr. Katherine Hammond, doctoral graduate of Interdisciplinary Arts (Ph.D. '18), curated an exhibition on view at the Kennedy Museum of Art through December 22. 

The exhibition, focusing on new acquisitions the Kennedy Museum has made since 2012, offering insight into the acquisition process and the institutional considerations that inform the decision to acquire. The two main narratives Hammond focuses on in this exhibition are the stories about Kennedy Museum of Art collections themselves (how objects are acquired, organized, exhibited, etc.) and how we can tell stories with groups of objects.

"Of more than 500 objects brought into the Kennedy collections since 2012, I have selected 46 for the galleries. (Another 94 can be seen in a video loop on a monitor screen just outside of the galleries.) These objects include ceramics and sculpture, African arts and culture, print, photography, and contemporary Native American art."

Recent Acquisitions, Curated by Katherine Hammond, 2019
Recent Acquisitions, curated by Katherine Hammond, 2019. Photo by Riley Perone.




From Hammond's curatorial statement:

At the Kennedy Museum of Art, collections point to the Museum’s rich history of acquiring, housing, preserving, studying and exhibiting art objects from a broad range of cultures. Many of the over 7,500 objects from the Museum’s collections were gifted by donors, while others were selected for purchase. Both methods of acquisition require a careful process with consideration of existing Museum collections, space and resources available.  

As a visitor to this exhibition, I hope that you will also engage with these ideas of collecting and storytelling in various, and personal ways. How are the stories told through this exhibition similar to stories that you tell with your own collections? How might we rearrange or regroup objects in this show to tell different stories?

Recent Acquisitions: Storytelling Through Practices of Collecting
September 20, 2019 - December 22, 2019 
West Galleries
Curated by Katherine Hammond, Ph.D.

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Family Art Encounters with Guest Curator Katherine Hammond
October 6 • 2–4 PM

Join Kennedy Museum Staff for the October Art Encounters family open studio! Guest curator Katherine Hammond will describe how she selected objects from Kennedy Museum of Art collections for an exhibition about storytelling with objects. She will guide participants in a 3-dimensional collage project to create their own small-scale exhibits using materials from a variety of miniature "collections." The project encourages participants to create an exhibition space as well as tell stories about the objects they have chosen. 

Sunday Family Art Encounters is a drop‐in program for children and adults to engage in shared creative activities. Art making projects are inspired by a featured artwork on display in the galleries, and are open‐ended to accommodate a variety of ages. All families are welcome!

Activities are FREE and open to all ages accompanied by an adult. Registration is not required. Studio activity directions also provided in Spanish and Arabic. 

Instrucciones disponibles en español para la actividad en el estudio. 
.سيتم توفير كافة التعليمات للنشاط في الاستوديو باللغة العربية


Kennedy Art Encounters 2019 Katherine Hammond


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