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Global Musical Arts Fall Course Offerings

Global Musical Arts Fall Course Offerings

Interested in the global musical arts?

This Fall our resident expert, Paschal Yao Younge, is offering courses featuring the global musical arts including African Ensemble 1, Intro to World Music, and Music of Africa at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. 

Not a music major, but still interested? Check out Younge's course Intro to World Music, a Gen. Ed. Tier 2 Cross-Cultural Perspectives (2CP) course, with no pre-req requirements! 


African Ensemble

Course Details:

Intro to World Music: [MUS 1210]

This course will provide a music survey, as it exists in many cultures. As an introduction to the study of World music/Non-western classical music, students will experience and understand the values and meanings of music in the lives of diverse human communities. (counts as Gen. Ed. Tier: Tier II Cross-Cultural Perspectives(2CP) course)

African Ensemble 1: [MUS 2480 | MUS 5480] 

Introduction to the practices of drumming ensembles in traditional sub-Saharan African societies presented in a studio and lecture format. Introduction to variety of procedures, concepts, and structures that may be used in the understanding of specific musical ensembles in West Africa. Films and videotapes provide visual examples.

Music of Africa: [MUS 4250 | MUS 5250]

Introduction to African music, with particular reference to the organization of music in community life, performance events, performing groups, instrumental resources, and interrelations of music and cognate arts. Aspects of history, sociopolitical organization, religion, customary practices, human mobility, language, and economic activity provide the necessary and wider content for understanding the music, musical instruments, and music makers.


Contact instructor Dr. Paschal Yao Younge at youngep@ohio.edu with questions.


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