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Global Dance Forms and Cultures, Fall 2021

Global Dance Forms and Cultures, Fall 2021

Course Offering Announcement:

Professor Zelma Badu-Younge is offering a variety of courses in the fall that bring students unique perspectives on dance through a global lens.

From Dance Cultures of the World, to African Dance Techniques courses, and Dance Ethnography courses, Badu-Younge brings together theory, history, and performance to expose the interested student to fresh ways of thinking and moving, and a larger understanding of dance.


Dance Cultures of the World I [DANC 2550]

Gen. Ed. Tier:    Tier II Fine Arts(2FA) 
OHIO BRICKS: Foundation: Intercultural Explorations |  Pillar: Humanities: Arts

African Dance Techniques Courses

  • Intro to African Dance Technique (Undergrad level) (DANC 1050)
  • African Dance Technique I  (Undergrad level) (DANC 1250)
  • African Dance Technique III  (Graduate level) (DANC 5250)

Dance Ethnography, Intellectualizing the Bodies Motion

  • Undergraduate level: (DANC 4550)
  • Graduate Level: (DANC 5550)


Questions about any of these courses can be addressed to Professor Zelma Badu-Younge at badu-you@ohio.edu

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