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Fall Senior Dance Concert: The Sensing Body

Fall Senior Dance Concert: The Sensing Body
2019 Fall Senior Dance Concert, The Sensing Body, Nov 21-23, 2019.

Ohio University School of Dance presents “The Sensing Body”, its annual Fall Senior Dance Concert and the culminating project for B.F.A. dance majors.

This fall, seven seniors employ their unique perspectives in their newly created choreographic works to be presented on Thursday, November 21st, Friday, November 22nd, and Saturday, November 23rd at 7:00pm and 9:00pm each evening in the Shirley Wimmer Dance Theater located in Putnam Hall at Ohio University.

Tickets are $10.00 for general admission and free to students with a valid OU ID. (info)

The Sensing Body

2019 Fall Senior Dance Concert

Shirley Wimmer Dance Theater, Putnam Hall
Ohio University, Athens, OH
November 21st, 7:00p.m & 9:00p.m.
November 22nd, 7:00p.m. & 9:00p.m.
November 23rd, 7:00p.m. & 9:00p.m.

felt forms, choreographed by Lexi Bell accompanied by Michael Wall’s Ritual, Reverence & Confessions, draws inspiration from the sculpture Generacion by Max Leiva. Bell’s newest work explores the human-like qualities within the bronze sculpture, while simultaneously mining the human connections between the sculpture and the dance.

Kassie Keil’s solo work, In the Blue Dark, mines the embodied experiences of fear and the accompanying haunting memories. Morgan Sieg’s original score for the vibraphone casts a creepy and eerie environ.

A vessel between the past, present, and future, Ke’Aysia Middlebrooks’ solo, being., uses a sense of fall and recovery to explore the feeling of peace after hardship. The atmosphere is golden and warm with an ambient soundscape.

Angler, a group work choreographed by Cierra Hill, pairs with Joseph Beg’s meditative sound score to contrast the dynamic and rhythmic bodies moving through spatial constructs. These force change and adaptation that explore the active shaping and spacing.

Maya Holcomb’s work I Need Spaces is a self-constructed dance-for-camera exploring how to find space for herself in a society overflowing with material objects. To collaged recordings of Appalachian community members speaking about their personal possessions, Maya negotiates her body in and around tight spaces packed with household, construction, and personal items. Community gives a sense of belonging and safety.

1 standing in the middle explores how community is felt by moving in step with others. The fluctuating speeds and shifts of the group’s movement challenges the identity of one and creates a net for all to be a part. A group dance work by Brittany “Bert” Hawthorne, the soundscape of creeky floors and soft, erie classical instruments fill the space, creating a coalescing soundscape.

In her self-choreographed solo, Between Beings, Riley Murray moves and manipulates the earth until realizing that, in doing so, she has destroyed the very thing that allows her to live. Restricted to a dirt landscape delineated by a 6”x9” cloth, she experiences glimpses of serenity reaching up and out of the soil, but through more contact with it, she becomes weighted, confined, and unstable. The accompaniment, comprised of various sampled found sounds and musical score by composer Borgar Maganason, fills the space with an ominous yet calming soundscape.

Ticket Information

General Admission $10.00, tickets are free with an OU student ID thanks to support from Arts for OHIO. Tickets can be Purchased at the Memorial Auditorium Ticket Office, or by calling 740-593-1780 during business hours, noon to 5 p.m., Monday–Friday. The Ticket Office is located in the lobby at the East Union Street entrance of the auditorium. The College of Fine Arts sells tickets in Putnam Hall one hour prior to the start of any ticketed event at that location.


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