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Fine Arts College Summer 2020 Course Offerings

Fine Arts College Summer 2020 Course Offerings

Summer Session #2

All listed courses are scheduled for 6/29/20–8/15/20
 [unless otherwise noted]

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All of these courses are offered online, no in-classroom instruction. To be successful, students need access to a personal computer with audio and video capabilities and access to high-speed internet. The instructor will provide details about the video conferencing platform on or before the first day of the class. You are encouraged to reach out to the instructor with specific questions about the courses listed below. 

Looking for Pre-college and Summer Studios?
This page lists college academic courses, which are different from our Fine Arts Summer Studios and Summer Arts for Youth camps.



ART 1100 Seeing and Knowing the Visual Arts • 3 credits • Cassidy Brauner
ART 1121 Introduction to Drawing • 4 credits • Terry Davis
ART 1151 Introduction to Painting • 4 credits • Paige Greeley
ART 1181 Introduction to Graphic Design • 4 credits • Megan McCormick  

ART 1200 Description + Drawing • 4 credits • Kevin Varney
ART 1210 Function + Practice • 4 credits • Brian Dieterle
ART 1220 Image + Design • 4 credits
ART 1240 Visual Art in Practice and Theory: Critical Perspectives • 3 credits • Angela Sprunger      
ART 1600 Aesthetics of Architecture and Design • 3 credits • Daniel Harper

ART 1610 From Colonial to Contemporary: Styles of Residential Architecture in the United States 
Daniel Harper • 7/13/20–7/17/20 • 1 credit

A survey of the architectural styles of residential architecture in United States. Emphasis is placed on basic shapes and forms, construction materials, architectural details, and visual character as a way of identifying and discussing styles of residential architecture typical of the United States.

ART 1800 Typography for non-Designers • 1 credit • Shelley Gruendler
6/29/20–7/17/20 [Tu,Th 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM]

ART 1800 Design your own Business Card for non-Designers • 1 credit • Shelley Gruendler
7/27/20–8/14/20 [Tu,Th, 8:30AM to 12PM]

AH 2130 History of World Art • 4 credits • Sam Dodd
ART 2520 Typography • 4 credits • Shelley Gruendler
ART 3550 Animation • 4 credits • Jeremy Bessoff



THAR 1130 Acting Fundamentals 1 • 3 credits • Rebecca Vernoy
Option 1: 6/17/20–7/24/20 [M,W,F, 9:40AM to 11:40AM]
Option 2: 6/17/20–7/24/20 [Tu,Th,F, 9:40AM to 11:40AM]       

This Acting Fundamentals class is customized for online delivery. It focuses on the intersection between performance and mindfulness and cultivating creativity. We explore the application of traditional acting values to both traditional performance texts and diverse fields of interest. The class includes a yoga inspired warm-up, introduction of breathing techniques to develop presence and confidence, and the creation of dramatic and character driven pieces. The class will be taught both synchronously (Mondays and Wednesdays 9:40-11:40 a.m.) and asynchronously. This course will meet during the defined day(s) and time(s) using video conferencing technology.                                                               

THAR 1710 The Theatrical Experience • 3 credits • Merri Biechler
THAR 4900 & THAR 5900 Special Topics in Theater Arts: Creating in IsolationArnie Johnson

SCHOOL OF FILM                                                                          

FILM 2900 Special Topics in Film: Intro to Adobe Premiere Editing • 3 credits • (Anil) Vemuru Venkata
FILM 3440 The Practice of Film Criticism • 3 credits • Rafal Sokolowski



Pavan Gupta_summer dance course

DANC 3550 Dance Cultures of the World 1 • 3 credits • Zelma Badu-Younge


MUS 1000 Introduction to Music Theory • 3 credits • C. Scott Smith
MUS 1200 Exploring Musical Styles • 2 credits • Lucas Borges
MUS 1210 Introduction to World Music • 3 credits • Paschal Yao Younge
MUS 1240 History of Rock Music 1 • 3 credits • Andre Gribou
MUS 1810 Introduction to Music Therapy • 2 credits • Kamile Geist
MUS 3625 The History of Jazz • 3 credits • Sean Parsons


IART 1180 Introduction to the Arts: Object and Events • 3 credits • Garrett Field