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Musical Theater B.F.A. in American Theater Magazine

Musical Theater B.F.A. in American Theater Magazine
The Wolves, 2018, by Riley Perone

Honing Your Acting Instrument...

Story by Allison Considine for American Theater Magazine

“We’re specifically trying to be a very different kind of program, because there are so many out there,” says Alan Patrick Kenny, the incoming department head for the the new program. Starting this fall, Ohio University’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performance program will become a four-year degree with two different foci: The acting program will be joined by a musical theatre track.

“We offer conservatory-style training within a full liberal arts university,” says Kenny. “Our gen-ed is incredibly flexible—there are different tiers of subjects and hundreds of classes that might satisfy those subjects.” This flexibility in scheduling classes allows for theatre students to explore the full breadth of the university’s offerings, from extra science classes to business courses on top of theatre training. 

Cabaret, 2018, by Riley Perone
Cabaret, 2018, photo by Riley Perone

After seeing more than 1,000 auditions, 30 students will be making their way to Athens, Ohio, to join the inaugural musical theatre class at Ohio University this fall... check out the full article on American Theater Magazine: Honing Your Acting Instrument, and Maybe an Actual Instrument Too.