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Patrick Mose

Instructional Technologist

Patrick Mose is an Instructional Technologist II for the College of Fine Arts. Before Joining the College of Fine Arts, Patrick Worked as the Associate Director of the Ohio University Language Resource Center where he helped to formulate solutions to the IT needs of faculty, staff, students and the online community, in academic classrooms, and in a language laboratory. He currently maintains Moodle learning management system (LMS) language pack for the Swahili language. His passion is choral music and poetry. He has composed, trained, and performed both music and poetry before pursuing his graduate studies at Ohio University. Patrick has a background in language pedagogy and Applied Linguistics, special interest in computer-assisted language learning and teaching. His doctoral dissertation research explores the phenomena of learner autonomy and the application of the 21st-century tools and competencies concerning teaching and learning languages in a technologically evolving environment.

For more information about Patrick please visit www.patrickmose.com