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Marilyn Bradshaw

Professor of Art History

MA (Art History), Indiana University; Ph.D (Art History), Indiana University, 1984. Samuel H. Kress Fellowship for research in Italy, 1976; Ohio University Research Council Grant for research in Italy, 1984; Ohio Arts Council Grant for project on Ritual Art of New Guinea, 1987; Ohio Arts Council Grant for project entitled Fabricating Realities, 1989; Ohio University Research Council Grant for work on The Corpus of Early Italian Paintings in North American Public Collections, 1997. Dissertation: "Masolino's Saint Catherine Chapel, San Clemente, Rome: Style, Iconography, Patron, and Date." Recent papers include: "Perugino's Drawings: Reflections of Function," "Botticelli's Judith in the Cincinnati Art Museum Reconsidered," and "Donatello's San Lorenzo Pulpits." Recent publications include: "Filippino Lippi," in The Dictionary of Art (Macmillan, 1996); "Pietro Perugino: An Annotated Chronicle," in Joseph Becherer, et. al., Pietro Perugino, Master of the Italian Renaissance (Rizzoli, 1997); "Filippino Lippi" in The Encyclopedia of Italian Renaissance and Mannerist Art (Grove Art, 2000); and Italian Renaissance Art: A Book of Essentials (Prentice Hall, projected publication 2003). Teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Italian Renaissance Art, Northern Renaissance Art, Baroque and Rococo Art, and Research Methods. Directs and teaches on-site courses (Ancient - Baroque Art) for Ohio University's Art History in Italy Program (summer offerings, bi-yearly).