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Graduate and Ph.D. Studies

Educating scholars and artists through the lens of primary and tertiary academic disciplines.

Interdisciplinary Arts: Graduate and PhD Studies



Interdisciplinary Arts students at Ohio University undertake a strong education in a primary and secondary discipline. The centerpiece of the program is a series of interdisciplinary, team-taught seminars. Faculty and students come together to investigate intensively a selected topic and/or period from multiple perspectives and disciplines. Students take courses from faculty across the College of Fine Arts, as well as in disciplines outside the fine arts. This training serves as preparation for a variety of professional careers, especially college and university teaching. The program prepares students for scholarly research, while also valuing creative activity in the arts. Funded by assistantships, Interdisciplinary Arts Ph.D. candidates receive valuable teaching experience at the undergraduate level.

Areas of Inquiry

Interdisciplinary Arts is a consortium of scholars in the following areas: African Arts and Literatures, Art and Architectural History, Ethnomusicology/Musicology, Film Studies/Comparative Literature, Philosophy of Art, and Theater/Performance Studies. 

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Graduate Student Handbook

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Charles Buchanan

"Interdisciplinarity expands the boundaries of conventional knowledge exponentially, and thus should be considered at the forefront of academic inquiry."

- Dr. Charles Buchanan

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