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Nisiqi was born in Inner Mongolia, an autonomous region of northern China, and later moved to the United States as an international art student. She received her BFA in Graphic Design in 2017 and is continuing her MFA study at Ohio University. Having grown up in China as a Chinese-Mongolian and later moved to the United States, Nisiqi spent most of her life living in-between different cultures. Her artwork and research have been concerned with themes in postcolonialism, ethnic studies and cultural identities. Nisiqi’s current MFA research attempts to explore the generational identity struggles of contemporary Chinese Mongolians, as well as to bring more global attention and provide an outlet for the under-discussed contemporary Chinese-Mongolian ethnic issues.

Nisiqi work 01
“Pop Piece 0”, performance, 2018 


Nisiqi work 2
“Storytelling”, digital print, 16’’x16’’, 2018