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Talisa Lemke




Talisa Lemke

MFA Film Student

Talisa was born in February 1996 in Berlin, Germany. With the age of six she started diving for a Berlin club team and soon found her passion for the sport. By the age of ten, Talisa was allowed to pursue her education at the athletic school in Berlin (SLZB) while diving for the junior national team.

In 2010 she was casted to play Lilli Lange, the daughter of Frank Lange (Milan Peschel), who gets diagnosed with brain cancer. The movie Stopped on Track (2011), directed by Andreas Dresen won the Prize of Un Certain Regard in Cannes (2011) as well as three German Film Awards in 2012. With this project Talisa found her passion for acting and was part of two feature films directed by Axel Ranisch after that.

In 2014 she joined the agency Bahl for Actors . After finishing her high school degree in 2016, Talisa decided to move to Ohio to pursue an education in Theater and Film as well as keep diving for their University team. Taking film classes during her undergrad reinforced Talisa’s love for film and storytelling, not only in front of the camera but also behind it. She is especially interested in narrative films and people`s unique stories all over the world.