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Mahsa Talebiani




Mahsa Talebiani

MFA Film Student

Mahsa is a filmmaker from Tehran, Iran. She became interested in cinema since childhood by going through her father’s film archives. She made her first short film in 2016 and since then she has made two other shorts and worked on other film projects during her BA degree in film.  In Plight (2019) which has been screened in some festivals; she tries to create constant emotional contact with the audience through visual elements and music. In her last short, Spring tour (2020) she became closer to nature, daylighting, and exploit natural elements in her work. She was in the production of documenting the underground music scene in Tehran for two years.

She is into Altman, Leigh, Roeg, and lynch cinema. She has been photographing and painting for the last three years. she finds painting as a spiritual process that brings more novelty to her visual perception. She likes Miro, Klee, and Matisse and finds their work inspiring.

For the future in MFA film, She wants to explore human fantasy, fear, oddity, and magic in her work.