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Kelli Smith-Biwer

Kelli Smith Biwer



Kelli Smith-Biwer

Assistant Professor of Instruction for Music History

Leveraging her past work experience in IT and network engineering, Kelli seeks to broaden the conversation around gender, equity, and audio technologies. Her current research centers on masculinity and 1950's home audio culture in the United States. She has published in the Journal for the Society of American Music and presented her work at national and international conferencesKelli is a member of the Royster Society of Fellows, won the 2018 Somers Award for Excellence in Teaching, received the 2019 James W. Pruett Research Fellowship, and was the inaugural UNC Arts Everywhere Music Technology Fellow. 

A vital aspect of Kelli’s work hinges on community engagement and advocacy. She has arranged workshops taught by Black, queer, and femme-identifying producers; facilitated hands-on music technology demonstrations in local venues; and founded gender inclusive electronic music ensembles at Michigan State University and the University of North Carolina. In her free time, Kelli enjoys playing ultimate frisbee with her husband, Craig.