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  • B.A. Studio Art

    As a Studio Art major, you’ll gain a variety of skills and techniques that will enable you to work successfully in fields related to art or to pursue graduate study. This program provides easy access to elective courses, freedom to double major, and opportunities to study off—campus.

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  • B.A. Art History

    To reflect the breadth and variety of art and visual culture, the Art History program offers a diverse, comprehensive curriculum in the history of world cultures. Students learn how to articulate and express their ideas about art while developing research and writing skills as tools for communicating about art.

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  • B.F.A. Studio Art

    A professional studio degree that fosters the development of studio artists and creative thinkers. Students take courses that include topics ranging from historical through contemporary issues in art, technical demonstrations, and rigorous critiques of student work, while having the option to focus on a specific study in one of five concentration areas.

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  • B.F.A. Graphic Design

    The Graphic Design program focuses on sustainability and social impact, while developing a capacity for critical thinking, problem solving, and innovation. Courses will give you the opportunity to study the symbiotic nature of design and culture in local and global communities.

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  • B.F.A. Interior Architecture

    Learn how architectural elements interact and synthesize to meet physical, psychological, social, and intellectual needs of people in a variety of settings. A program designed for those sensitive to the use of materials and details in a built environment, who are attentive to color, enjoy drawing, constructing, and organizing objects and spaces. Now with face-to-face and eCampus degree options.

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  • 4+1 Art Education Masters Program

    Have you always wanted to be an art teacher or recently imagined a career path in art education? Earn a bachelor’s degree in Art and a master’s degree, with a Multi-Age Visual Arts License, in a total of five years!

    Explore the Masters in Art Education Track
  • Museum Studies Certificate

    The museum studies certificate explores the process of collecting, preserving, interpreting, and exhibiting historically significant items. This certificate adds value to a variety of degree programs by providing a foundation for students interested in working in museums, educational and interpretive centers, or organizations promoting public outreach and education.

    Explore The Museum Studies Certificate
  • Graduate Programs

    Our graduate students are highly motivated, talented and conceptually inquisitive from a diverse range of artistic practices seeking an interdisciplinary environment. Graduate degrees include an Art History M.A., and M.F.A. degrees in Graphic Design, Ceramics, Printmaking, Painting + Drawing, Photography + Integrated Media, and Sculpture + Expanded Practice.

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    Local sculptor, Matt Wedel, finds challenge, meaning through collaborative exhibition

    December 2, 2021

    “It Might Not Be Here When You Wake Up,” an exhibition that was on view through Nov. 29 in the Trisolini Gallery, featured local artist Matt Wedel and his children, Eleanor and Abner Wedel’s art.

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    Provost Undergraduate Research Fund Awards 28 Ohio Students, including 13 from Fine Arts

    November 29, 2021
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    Art + Design Special Topics course collaborate with first-year Modern Dance class

    November 3, 2021

    CoFA faculty members Kate Hampel (School of Art + Design) and Dr.

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    The Kennedy Museum of Art’s photo exhibition highlighting Van Gogh’s influence opens September 24

    September 16, 2021

    Kennedy Museum of Art’s upcoming exhibition presents images by two award-winning photographers, Lynn Johnson and Patricia Lanza.

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Sunday, January 16 LACUNA 1:00 PM — 5:00 PM Kennedy Museum of Art
Sunday, January 16 The Van Gogh Affect 1:00 PM — 5:00 PM Kennedy Museum of Art
Monday, January 17 LACUNA 10:00 AM — 5:00 PM Kennedy Museum of Art
Monday, January 17 The Van Gogh Affect 10:00 AM — 5:00 PM Kennedy Museum of Art
Tuesday, January 18 LACUNA 10:00 AM — 5:00 PM Kennedy Museum of Art
Tuesday, January 18 The Van Gogh Affect 10:00 AM — 5:00 PM Kennedy Museum of Art