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Upperclass Students

All currently enrolled students may apply for the Deans Scholarship, which are available to undergraduate students for their sophomore, junior, and senior years. Students who are freshmen during the current school year may apply in order to be considered for the Deans Scholarship for their sophomore year. Applicants for the Deans Scholarship normally must:

  1. have accumulated at the end of fall semester in the application year a GPA of at least a 3.4;

  2. have earned at least 15 hours for the fall semester in the application year and be registered in at least 15 hours for spring semester thus earning 30 hours over the two combined semesters of the application year;

  3. have completed a minimum of one semester at Ohio University;

  4. have earned less than 120 total credit hours; and

  5. self identify on the electronic scholarship application if in a study abroad, co-op, or internship program for the application year.

Other Scholarships for Currently Enrolled and Graduate Students

In addition to the Deans Scholarship, Ohio University has a variety of endowed and restricted scholarships which are awarded annually. These scholarships have a variety of grade point average, major, and place of residence prerequisites. Therefore, all currently enrolled students or graduate students should consider completing the online scholarship application.

Application Procedures for Currently Enrolled Students

Currently enrolled students should complete the 2016-2017 online scholarship application available online beginning December 1, 2015. Students must apply no later than March 1, 2016 to receive first-priority consideration for the Deans Scholarship and all other scholarship awards that will be made for the 2016-2017 academic year. Students receiving scholarships will be notified by May 2016.