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Study Abroad Scholarships

There are some scholarships for study abroad awarded annually on a competitive basis. Information about these scholarships can be obtained from the Office of Global Opportunities.

More information about financial aid for studying abroad can be found through the FinAid Homepage and in the document entitled "A Guide to Using Financial Aid While Studying Abroad"  prepared by the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships.

If you are studying abroad, you must meet one of the following criteria to be eligible to use your Ohio University scholarship:

1.   register for at least 15 hours at Ohio University, or
2.   participate on an official Ohio University exchange program, or
3.   enroll at a foreign institution that is a partner school with Ohio University (a listing of such OU partner institutions which accept Exchange and/or Study Abroad students is provided by the Office of Global Opportunities), or
4.   be a full-time student on a study abroad program through another four-year state school in Ohio through the Ohio International Consortium, or
5.   participate in a program offered by a program provider designated as an official affiliate of Ohio University (a listing of such affiliates is available from the Office of Global Opportunities).


In other words, students who study abroad through another American university or program provider that is not one of our "sister schools" in Ohio or an official affiliate of Ohio University or enroll through direct enrollment at a foreign school that is not one of our foreign partner schools, will not be eligible to use a scholarship from Ohio University during the term or terms of studies abroad.