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Federal Student Loans

Virtually all students who complete the FAFSA will be awarded a Federal Direct Loan (Subsidized or Unsubsidized). If it is your student’s first Federal Direct Loan, he/she is required to complete an Electronic Master Promissory Note (EMPN) and Entrance Counseling to receive the loan funds. Entrance Counseling is a short tutorial designed to educate your student about student loans (interest rates, repayment options, rights and responsibilities, etc.). All first-time Federal Direct Student Loan Borrowers need to complete Entrance Counseling on the web. If your student is a first-time borrower and does not complete the EMPN and Entrance Counseling, loan funds will not disburse to your student’s account.

First time freshman will receive their first Federal Direct Loan disbursement 30 days after the semester begins.   Accepted Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans will show on the student’s Ohio University Student Account as pending/anticipated funding until the time they are disbursed. 

If your student previously received Federal Direct Student Loans, he/she needs to accept the loans online each year. Loans will not disburse to student accounts until they are confirmed.  Loans can be accepted, declined or reduced by the student through their online student center.

Your student may complete an EMPN and Entrance Counseling by logging on to

Please encourage your student to complete the necessary steps to receive loan funds.