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Summer Service Corps

Summer 2015

A Program of the Community Engagement program within the Campus Involvement Center (CIC)

 Earn $4200 by helping the Athens and surrounding community


The Summer Service Corps is an opportunity to earn money for college through the Federal Work-Study program. Ohio University undergraduates and graduate students (who will be enrolled in the fall) can work full time for a community organization in Athens for 15 weeks this summer - and earn $10.00 per hour. Most positions are 28 hours per week.


The following information describes participating agencies, student eligibility and how to apply. If you are interested, fill out the forms and return them to the Campus Involvement Center, 355 Baker University Center.


What to expect after you apply

- After verifying your financial eligibility through Financial Aid, we will send your application to the organizations in which you have indicated an interest.

- Once the organization receives your application, they will determine whether or not to contact you for an interview. Hiring decisions are then made in collaboration with the agencies and community engagement staff.

- All new hires are required to make an appointment with community engagement staff at the CIC within 3 business days of being hired to receive orientation into the SSC program which includes completing the necessary payroll paperwork.    Students cannot be paid until the CWS orientation has taken place.

Who is eligible?

  • Have submitted your 2015-2016 FAFSA.
  • Plan on being enrolled at Ohio University for the academic year 2015-2016.
  • Your calculated financial need is at least $4200 after Federal Pell Grant, Ohio College Opportunity Grant and Scholarships (if applicable).
  • Willing to let your summer earnings count as a resource when the remainder of your 2015-2016 financial aid package is calculated.



March 17 Application available
April 25 Application due
April 28 Notification from office of financial aid regarding student eligibility
April 28 SSC interviews begin (rolling hiring until positions are filled)
May 11-June 30 SSC 1st half work period
June 30 - Aug 22 SSC 2nd work period

For more information please go to the Campus Involvement Center at