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Student Employment Policy

Ohio University policy states that a student must be enrolled in courses in order to be eligible to work as a student employee. The Student Financial Aid (SFA) office has begun to notify students and their Workforce approvers if they are not enrolled.

As with every rule there will be exceptions.

  1. If a student has graduated the previous term, they are eligible to work immediately following graduation according to the following guidelines:

    Graduating Semester

    Continuation of work limited to:

        Fall Semester

            End of Winter break

        Spring Semester

            End of 1st Summer Session

        1st Summer Session

            End of 2nd Summer Session

        2nd Summer Session or Full Summer Session

            September 30

  2. If a student has completed their course work the previous term and has decided not to take any further course work during the current term and will also graduate at the end of the current term, they are eligible to work during the current term but not the following term.
  3. If a student is graduating at the end of the current term and only needs to take less than half time number of hours to complete their course work, they are eligible to work during the current term but not the following term.
  4. Graduate students taking one hour either thesis or dissertation (or course work designated as such) are considered exceptions.
  5. To be eligible for summer employment, students must have attended the University spring term, be planning to enroll for the fall term, or be registered at least half-time for the summer.

  6. International students may only continue employment through the duration of their employment authorization, which is normally the end-date on their form I-20 or DS-2019.  Extension beyond graduation is only permissible with explicit authorization.

You may receive an email stating that the student is not meeting the hour requirement for employment purposes. Because our program is not able to identify the multiple exceptions to the rule, the student will need to reply to the email, stating their reason for not being registered. The SFA office will respond to the student as to whether their situation will be considered as an exception.

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