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What is PACE?


The Program to Aid Career Exploration (PACE) is an on-campus, internship-like work program sponsored by and unique to Ohio University. This program employs approximately 400 students each year. PACE gives students the opportunity to explore their career interests while attending school. The program also serves as an excellent resume-builder for students looking to expand their work experience. Additionally, PACE allows students to enhance their professional skills while earning a paycheck.

PACE Student Experience popup - Read what PACE students think about the program.

Apply to the PACE Program popup - This application takes less than one minute to complete! Once you submit your application you will receive an instantaneous response informing you of your eligibility to participate in this program. 

Current PACE Students popup - To complete and update your resume, review this year's timeline, update personal information, determine who selected you for an interview, and view your employer.

Important Dates


Complete and submit the PACE application. Receive instant notice of approval or denial.  If approved, create your online PACE resume.


View and apply to PACE positions.  Check the PACE website for specific dates.


Contact employers who have selected you for an interview.


Employers will make hiring selections. Students will receive email notification.

Late May through October:

Search for any unfilled positions.  Contact employers directly to apply for specific jobs.


Quick Facts


  • Internship like work experience
  • Hours: up to 10 hours per week for 15 weeks per semester
  • Pay: $8.10 per hour or current Ohio minimum wage
  • To be eligible, students must have:
    • completed 15 semester hours of coursework at Ohio University
    • maintained at least 2.3 accumulative grade point average
    • demonstrate a need for earning
  • Must be enrolled during the semesters of employment
  • Undergraduate students only
  • Positions available summer, fall and spring semesters
  • Students may NOT hold a federal work-study and a PACE position at the same time