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Employer's Page

Listed below are the categories in which employers can post student jobs. Please review the information below the category’s name to determine the most appropriate location to post your position.

Federal Work-Study

Access to this link is given to those University employees who have been designated by the CSES office as a FWS contact person in their department (To request a FWS job description be created or updated, please inform your department’s contact person)

  • The job should be a University position that involves routine tasks
  • The job should not replace a University employee
  • The wage is paid by the Federal government and the University; not your department
  • Only FWS eligible students can view the job
  • Due to the volume of FWS job requests and a limited number of eligible FWS students, there is no guarantee that the position will be filled
  • If the position is filled, both the contact person and the supervisor of the job will be notified via email

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Program to Aid Career Exploration   popup

Access to this link is given to full-time faculty and staff members  

  • Each year full-time faculty and staff members of the University have the opportunity to submit one or more student job proposals for PACE funding consideration
  • A volunteer committee of 16 University employees determines which job proposals will be funded for the upcoming school year
  • If a position is funded, an $2,355 budget is allotted to the position
  • The work hours are determined by the student and the employer
  •  In order for a PACE student to work consistently throughout the school year, the student should not work more than 10 hours per week
  • University policy states that no student can work in a University position for more than 20 hours per week
  • In general, the job proposal should give students an internship-like work experience. For information on what is needed for your job proposal, please visit Preparing Your Proposal
  • General Timeline

    Early December

     - Faculty/Staff submit job proposals

    Early February

     - Deadline for submitting Job Proposals

    Mid March

     - Notification of funding

    Early April

     - Select students to interview

    Late April

     - Interview list of students are due


     - Interviews are conducted and hiring
       decisions are made

  • If you are interested in submitting a PACE proposal, please click on the "Program to Aid Career Exploration" link above 
  • Our office recommends that you write your job proposal on a word document and then cut and paste it onto the PACE application