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Spring Pell Disbursement Changes

Previously, Federal Pell Grants were disbursed for the full amount at the beginning of the semester based on the total credit hours in which a student is registered. Beginning Spring Semester 2014, the Pell Grant will be disbursed at multiple points over the semester, based on when each student's course begins.

These changes will not affect how much a student receives, but it will change the timing of when they receive their Pell Grant. Students will receive their Pell Grant disbursements based on when each of their classes begin.

For classes that start later in the 15-week semester, only a portion of the grant willbe disbursed at the beginning of the semester. The remainder of the grant will disburse proportionately at the start date of each subsequent class.

The academic calendar is split in to three semesters: Summer, Fall, and Spring Depending on the degree, semesters may be subdivided into sessions. If a student's classes are split up over sessions, such as three 5-week sessions, then the Federal Pell Grant will also be split up.

The Pell Grant is disbursed based on the number of credit hours required for four tiers of Pell payment: less than half time, half time, three-quarter time, and full time.If a student is enrolled in 3-5 credit hours that begin at the start of the semester, only the less than half-time award amount for the Pell Grant can disburse.If the student adds either a February or March session course, the Pell Grant will increase to the half-time award at the start of the February session, and to equal the ¾-time or full-time award amount by the start of the March session, depending on the total hours enrolled by that point in the semester.If the student has a total of 9-11 credit hours for the semester, then the student's total Pell Grant award will be a ¾-time award.If the student has a total of 12 or more credit hours, then the student will end up receiving the full-time Pell Grant for the semester.

Spring Semester Pell Award - $2,822

Pell Payment
 Cumulative Payments

 1st Session
 4 credit hours
$706 $706
 2nd Session
4 credit hours
$706 $1412
3rd Session
4 credit hours
$1410 $2822

This affects our RN to BSN populations as well as other online programs. It will affect any students attending weekend workshops or other courses that start later in the term. It will affect all students enrolled in courses that are not the full summer session.