Ohio University


Traveling for OHIO

OHIO has contracted with ALTOUR for all of our travel needs. ALTOUR's services can be accessed through Concur. Through this one application you can book airline tickets, hotels, and rental cars. Within Concur, select Booking for myself to arrange your own travel or select Book for a guest if you are booking for someone outside the University or for students.

International Travel

When traveling internationally, employees must send notification to financecustomercare@ohio.edu and JP Morgan at the number on the back of their card to prevent card suspension due to suspected fraudulent activity.


You are required to document your expenses in Concur within 15 days of your return from travel. If you extend your trip for personal travel, you have 15 days from the end of the business portion of the trip to submit your report in Concur for all business expenses. Failure to timely substantiate your travel expenses creates a risk to our accountable plan, which allows us to reimburse/pay for expenses for our employees on a non-taxable basis.


All transactions for your travel will require substantiation. This will include conference agendas, fliers, meeting agendas, and other documents that can support the business purpose of your travel. As a public institution, all our records are subject to public records requests. Your travel report should stand alone to support the business purpose of your expenses.


A receipt must include the vendor name, the date of the transaction, what was purchased or paid for, an itemization of expenses, and the total paid including tips if applicable. 

You are required to submit receipts in Concur for all transactions. The only exclusion is for non-lodging travel expenses less than $75. Transactions that do not require a receipt if less than $75 due to IRS exclusion include:

  • Airline Baggage Fees
  • Bus and Taxi Fares
  • Subway Tickets


Per OHIO policy and IRS guidelines, no personal meal or per diem reimbursement can be claimed for same-day travel.

When traveling for University business, you may use your PCard to purchase personal meals or business meeting meals. These purchases require an itemized receipt. If you choose, you may claim per diem reimbursement for meals you purchase with your own funds. No receipts are required when claiming per diem.

Per diem is a flat rate based on your travel location. If meals are provided for you or you purchase a meal on your PCard, please check the box in Concur to remove that meal from your per diem reimbursement. Please see the link to the right for per diem rates for your location of travel. If you are going to claim per diem, do not put your meals on your PCard. Once a meal is charged to your PCard, no per diem reimbursement will be allowed for that meal.

You will receive 75% of the per diem rate for first and last day of travel. Do not check meals to remove them from your per diem reimbursement based on the time you leave or arrive home. The IRS has simplified this calculation by allowing 75% regardless of travel time.

Personal Expenses

It is a violation of policy to pay for personal expenses with your PCard even if you intend to repay or deduct from your per diem reimbursement. Using your PCard for personal expenses is a misuse of University and Foundation funds. Please be certain to pay for any personal expenses prior to providing your PCard for payment. 

Personal Vehicle Use

Use of a personal vehicle is reimbursed on a mileage basis at the federal mileage rate in effect at the time of travel. You may not purchase gas for a personal vehicle on a PCard.

Booking Travel

Car Rentals

Special rates and insurance considerations have been negotiated with Enterprise and National. These rates are available when booking through Concur/ALTOUR as well as when booking onsite. Do not purchase additional insurance if renting in the United States as the University already has that negotiated. Employees should print the Proof of Insurance Card prior to using a rental car. It is recommended to purchase additional liability coverage when traveling internationally. For more information on rental car insurance, please see Risk Management and Insurance and view their Vehicle Rental FAQ. Vehicles may also be rented from Transportation Services Motor Pool. Please see the Employee Discounts for information about personal discounts through Enterprise.

Airline Tickets

Airline tickets must be purchased on an OHIO PCard. We have the additional option through ALTOUR to utilize the Central Travel Card (CTA) for airline tickets. This is a great option for those without cards and to reduce the impact to your monthly balance when purchasing airline tickets. 

OHIO cannot pay for upgraded seats except for international flights more than 5 consecutive hours. For domestic or international flights less than 5 hours only the coach/economy level tickets may be purchased. For international flights over 5 hours, seats may be upgraded to business class. First class is not allowed. Any upgrade must be paid by the traveler and should not be charged to the PCard.


Hotels may be booked through Concur utilizing a PCard. Normal fees apply.

If you would like to book a hotel reservation using our Central Travel Account (CTA) you must contact ALTOUR directly. A $25 fee will be charged for this service.

Airline Miles and Hotel Points

Any miles and points earned while traveling for OHIO business must be used for business travel only. It is a violation of Ohio Revised Code Chapter 102 to obtain a personal benefit derived from conducting business for a public entity. 

Airport Parking

Employees are eligible for a discount parking rate at the Columbus Airport for business or personal travel through our preferred supplier, the Parking Spot. Show your OHIO ID when paying to receive this discount. You can also reserve parking through the Parking Spot website.

Gratuities (tips)

Tips may be reimbursed if:

  1. Tip is twenty percent or less of the cost of the associated goods or services, or
  2. The tip is customary and of a reasonable amount in cases where the tip cannot be associated to a specific cost (e.g., a tip to a bellhop).