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PCard Guidelines

Expense Reports

Concur is used by Ohio University to submit expense reports and update PCard transactions. Frequently asked questions and training information is available on our Concur Information page.

After submitting reports in Concur, any relevant documents should be maintained according to the Records Management and Archiving policy

Spending Limits

All PCards have both a single transaction and a monthly spending limit on them depending upon the employees purchasing needs for the University. Remaining funds can be viewed within PaymentNet. Employees should not split transactions to avoid the single transaction limit. If purchases will exceed the spending limit, financial managers may request temporary increases by sending a request to financecustomercare@ohio.edu justifying the single transaction increase request. For purchases that will exceed monthly limits, employees should utilize the direct payment or purchase order methods to procure items.

Note that increases may not be granted for items that can be procured through BobcatBUY. Increases will also not be granted for services, group travel and events, or any transaction that requires a contract.

Declined Transactions

A PCard may be declined due to:

  • Attempting to make a non-travel purchase on a travel-only PCard
  • Attempting to use the card at a supplier with a blocked merchant category code (MCC)
  • Exceeding the designated single or monthly transaction limit
  • Failing to activate the card when it was received

If a transaction is declined, cardholders should contact the PCard Administrator via e-mail (purchasing.card@ohio.edu) or phone (740.597.6446). The PCard Administrator will assist the cardholder in determining why the transaction was declined. Cardholders may also call the toll-free number on the back of their card to determine the reason for the declined transaction.


All statements are available by logging into PaymentNet. While these can be saved or printed for cardholders' records, they do not need to be filed or stored. All transactions are imported and reconciled in Concur.

Disputed Items

If a transaction on your card is disputed or unrecognized, cardholders should first try to resolve the issue with the merchant. If a refund will be issued, request a copy of the refund or credit receipt for your records and to help ensure a refund will be received. If the issue cannot be resolved, a dispute should be filed within PaymentNet. All disputed charges must be disputed by both the cardholder and the credit card company within 60 days or the ability to dispute the charge is lost. Undisputed charges will be the financial responsibility of the cardholder's department.

In Concur, disputed transactions should be given the Object Code 718350 with a description of "Disputed Item" and comments detailing why and how the item is being disputed. This allows the University to track disputes and credits. Credits will be posted to Concur as well. In order to offset the original charge of the disputed item, update the accounting codes of refund to match the original charge. All parts of the accounting stream should match, including the Object Code. If a refund for the disputed item is not received within 30 days of filing the dispute online, please contact the PCard administration.


In certain circumstances, exceptions to using another method of payment as opposed to a PCard will be granted. In these cases, a written exception request should be sent to purchasing.card@ohio.edu prior to purchase detailing the circumstances. Cases that may warrant an exception include:

  • University travel where the traveler and department are splitting the cost
  • Foreign travel where the airline will not accept the PCard
  • Other approved PCard transactions where the supplier will not accept the PCard

In cases where an exception is granted, the exception confirmation will need to be attached to any Concur reimbursement requests.

Online Payment Option for PCard Refunds

While personal charges on a University PCards are strictly prohibited, finance is offering an online payment option for purchasing card refunds and is the preferred method going forward. Payment can be made by electronic check or credit card. When making the online payment, you will be prompted to provide the same information that is collected on the Purchasing/Travel or other Card Refund form; you will need your credit card or bank account number and routing number to complete the transaction. A receipt will be emailed to the address you provide, which you can use when filing your Concur report.

Please visit the CashNet website to submit your online payment.


The University's agreement with JP Morgan Chase includes insurance as provided by MasterCard. More information can be found in MasterCard's Guide to Benefits [PDF].

Card Cancellation

PCards may be cancelled by the cardholder, supervisors, or financial managers. This can be done by sending a request to purchasing.card@ohio.edu. The card in question should then be disposed of by cutting through the account number and disposing of the card.