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15-034 CPF-SW OU Collins Food Service Renovation - Lawrence County 8/12/15
16-002 CPF-SW College of Education/Fine Arts Heating District Repairs 8/3/15
16-003 CPF-SW Shannon Hall Fire Alarm Upgrade 8/31/15

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BT 15-035 CPF-SW Bush Runway 7/25 Rehabilitation - Davis Bacon rates
BT 15-037 CPF-SW Temporary Campus Boilers Bid Package 3 - Boiler Install
BT 15-036 CPF -SW Back South Demo Phase 1 - Cady, Foster & Brough
BT 15-040 CPF SW Convocation Seating Renovation
BT 16-001 CPF SW College of Education/Fine Arts District Abatement