Concur & Purchasing Card Agreement

When you log into Concur, you are prompted by the system to agree to the following agreement by selecting the "I Agree" button.

  1. I understand that Concur and Purchasing Card (PCard) training was made available to me in either of two separate venues – face-to-face session and online training.  It is my responsibility to complete one of these training sessions.
  2. I understand that Concur is a financial system with direct connectivity to the University's live financial system. As a result, I understand that I have a fiduciary responsibility associated with use of both systems. I agree to provide accurate dollar amounts, receipts and written substantiation within Concur, knowing that the information I provide will be entered into the University's financial system once the transaction is approved.
  3. I have read and understand Ohio University PCard Policy #55.074 ( and agree to follow the established guidelines when using my PCard.
  4. I have read and understand Ohio University Travel Policy #41.121 ( and agree to follow the established guidelines.
  5. If applying for a Travel Advance, I agree that I have read and understand Ohio University Travel Advance policy #03.015 ( or Education Abroad Program Advance policy #03.014 (
  6. I understand the PCard must be used to purchase travel services including airfare, hotels and rental cars for any University employee.
  7. I understand that Ohio University can terminate my right to use the PCard and/or Concur at any time, for any reason.
  8. I understand that failure to comply with Ohio University policies and procedures may result in revocation of my user privileges or other disciplinary or legal actions, up to and including termination of employment.
  9. I agree that should I violate the above terms, a payroll deduction will result for employees, and a financial account hold will result for students (restricting access to grades, transcripts, registration, etc.) if the amount is not promptly repaid.