User Agreement

User Agreement
  1. I understand that BobcatBUY is a procurement and financial system with direct connectivity to the University's live financial system.  As a result, I understand that I have a fiduciary responsibility associated with the use of this system
  2. I understand that procurement of all goods and services must have a clearly defined Ohio University business purpose and that I may not make personal purchases of any kind, even if my intent is to reimburse the university, in the furtherance of my duties as an end user at Ohio University.
  3. I have read, understand, and affirm compliance with all related Ohio University Purchasing Policies from #55.002 through #55.075  and agree to follow the established guidelines and processes when procuring goods and/or services on behalf of my role at Ohio University.
  4. I understand that Ohio University can terminate my right to use BobcatBUY at any time and/or for any reason.
  5. I understand that failure to comply with Ohio University policies and procedures may result in revocation of my BobcatBUY use privileges or other disciplinary or legal actions, up to and including termination of employment.
  6. I understand that "Conflicts of Interest" occur when an employee or immediate family member receives personal financial benefit from the employee's University position in a manner which may inappropriately influence the employee's judgment or compromise the employee's ability to carry out University responsibilities or could be a detriment to the University's integrity.  It is important to note that employees should avoid any activity that may be perceived as a conflict of interest even if a conflict of interest does not technically exist.
  7. I understand that employees of Ohio University may not accept gifts, trips, or meals from current or future potential suppliers.


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