Procure to Pay Services 2016/2017 Roadshows

Procure to Pay services has "taken the show to the road" over the course of the past few years with the "P2P RoadShow". We've developed a presentation that we would love to share with your college, unit, or department on a variety of questions that we hear from you. While we will discuss the "what" (insurance, contract review, Substitute W9, payment terms, etc.), we also will discuss the "why" which is key to understanding and planning as we collaboratively partner to assist you in achieving the goals of your units.

Schedule of Roadshows 2016/2017

Procure to Pay Roadshows: Register Here to Attend a Procure to Pay Roadshow (Also available upon request)

Contract Roadshows: Register Here to Attend a Contract Roadshow (Also available upon request)

Travel Services Roadshows: (Available upon request)

Topics include:

  • Procure to Pay Services...By the Numbers
  • Finance Customer Care
  • Contracts and Strategic Sourcing
  • Insurance and Prevailing Wage
  • Accounts Payable
  • Procurement Commodities
  • eBusiness Solutions

Please contact if you have any questions.