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General Information
Requisitions and Purchase Orders
Employee Reimbursement - Travel and Non Travel
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For Our Suppliers – General Information
For Our Suppliers – Purchasing Processes
For Our Suppliers – Receipt of Payment

General Information

  • The approved payment options outlined below are for the university departments to utilize when paying suppliers for goods and services provided.   Also, included are procedures to be used in conjunction with each payment method or reimbursement.

Requisitions and Purchase Orders

  • Most purchases require the issuance of a purchase order (PO) to a supplier prior to the commencement of work or the purchasing of goods.  This process serves to follow the university's standard contractual terms, supports encumbrances of funds, electronic work flow, approvals, and provides the opportunity to match POs to invoices.  In all situations, before a good or service is purchased, the end user must consider that bid requirements (if applicable) are met.
  • After the Purchase order has been issued and the good or service has been received, please forward paper invoices to accounts payable for processing.   A valid Purchase Order number must be clearly noted on the invoice to ensure prompt payment.  We encourage you to submit your invoices electronically to:   Our standard payment terms are net thirty days from date of invoice.
  • We are currently supporting paper purchase orders for those areas that are not live on BobcatBUY as well as those purchases made on Plant funds.
  • If an area is live on BobcatBUY, all requisitions and Direct Payments must be submitted on BobcatBUY.
  • No commencement of work or ordering of goods is authorized or shall constitute a commitment of the university until the required PO has been approved or issued.  Procure to Pay Services will not authorize payments without a properly executed purchase order.

Employee Reimbursement - Travel and Non Travel

  • All employee reimbursements are processed through Concur for authorized expenses which are defined as all reasonable expenses incurred while transacting the affairs of the University.  Employee reimbursements are processed upon receipt of the expense in Concur in the order in which they are received in Accounts Payable.

  • For employees who participate in payroll direct deposit, a one-time program has been run to set-up your employee expense reimbursements to be direct deposited to your primary payroll direct deposit bank account for payroll direct deposit.  Anytime you change your primary payroll direct deposit account, your expense reimbursement direct deposit account will also be changed.  More information about payroll direct deposit accounts is provided below.
    When the university is making a deposit to your bank account, you will receive an email message notifying you of the upcoming payment.  The email is sent from: and has the subject “Notice of Direct Deposit Employee Reimbursement Payment.”

  • For employees who do not participate in direct deposit, expense reimbursement checks will now be mailed to your home address that is on file with HR.  Checks will no longer be issued to employee office addresses or be available for pick-up at the Finance Customer Care Center. 
    Your home address is the address that appears on your paycheck and is the one used to mail your W-2.  If you need to verify the current home address on your HR record, you can check your “My Personal Information (MPI)” in Oracle; the link to MPI is: the Personal Information option.  If your Main Address needs to be changed, select the UPDATE button to make changes.  Contact Payroll Services (740.593.1860) if you have questions.
    NOTE:  Accounts Payable does not have the ability to override or change your home address.  The employee address is only stored in HR/My Personal Information.

Direct Payments

  • Direct payment forms are used to pay reimbursements and a limited subset of suppliers.  Payments made through this method of request will be processed upon receipt in the order in which they are received and are generally paid according to the payment terms of the supplier.
  • A guide for Direct Payment requests is available here.

Purchasing Card

  • Purchasing cards may be used for travel expenses, airline tickets (see travel policy)  and small dollar purchases of materials or goods.
  • The purchasing card shall not be used for the procurement of services or the purchase of capital equipment as it is important to execute terms and conditions and in some cases, insurance requirements, as agreed upon between the University and the supplier.

For Our Suppliers – General Information

  • Ohio University is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt organization.  Its Federal Employer Identification Number is 31-6402113.
  • C.O.D.'s cannot be accepted.
  • Please follow shipping and invoice instructions printed on the purchase order form, or provided by the Purchasing Cardholder.  All purchases for Ohio University will be paid by Ohio University check, ACH, wire transfer, or by an authorized Ohio University MasterCard (Purchasing Card).  Any other form of payment should not be accepted.
  • Suppliers should advise the University of any / all changes in business name and remittance addresses.  Send a full updated Payment Compliance Form to the Accounts Payable address on the next slide.

For Our Suppliers – Purchasing Processes

  • General Purchase Orders
    This form is issued by Procurement Services only, and bears a pre-printed order number. Invoices must be sent to:

    Ohio University
    Accounts Payable
    1 Ohio University
    West Union Office Street Center, Room 213A
    Athens, OH 45701-2979
  • The purchasing card empowers university employees to make small dollar purchases.  Transaction limits vary, but are generally set at $2,500.  Some Merchant Category Codes (MCC) have been blocked.
    • The purchasing card may only be used by the cardholder.  It is not transferable.  The purchasing card is to be used strictly for University business.
    • Cardholders must not receive cash back for refunds.  Refunds must be credited to the purchasing card account.
    • A detailed receipt is required.  A detailed receipt for each purchasing card transaction must be sent directly to the cardholder (packing slips without the dollar amount are not acceptable substitutes).  Do NOT send invoices or receipts for purchasing card transactions to Accounts Payable.

For Our Suppliers – Receipt of Payment

  • Invoices received in Accounts Payable will be paid according to the discount terms, or within thirty (30) days after receipt and acceptance of goods or completed services.
  • Discount periods will be computed from either the date of delivery of goods ordered or the date of receipt of correct invoice, which ever date is later.
  • Questions regarding general purchase order invoices should be directed to the Customer Care Center by sending an email to or calling: 740-597-6446.
  • Suppliers are responsible for posting purchase card transactions with MasterCard.  Manual authorizations can be obtained by calling JP Morgan Chase Customer Service at 1-888-500-4887.