or request an update to (i.e. spending limits, name change, etc.) a Ohio University Purchasing or Controlled Value Card.

BobcatBUY Access Request Form

Use this form to request access to BobcatBUY.

BobcatBUY Supplier Price Discrepancy Form

Use this form to provide feedback concerning price discrepancies with preferred suppliers BobcatBUY.

Buy Versus Lease Analysis Worksheet This worksheet allows units to analyze the financial impact of leasing equipment versus buying  equipment. This analysis must be completed for all equipment leases and attached to the unexecuted lease contract to Procurement Services for review.
Contract Checklist

Planning unit checklist to assist in understanding the difference between an Independent Contractor from an employee.

Contract- Comprehensive IC Agreement Form

Where deliverable terms requires detailed explanation or agreement to a proposal submitted by the independent contractor.

Contract - Honorarium Agreement Form

For payment as a token of appreciation for voluntary service not to exceed $1,500.00 (excluding travel).

Contract - Independent Contractor Agreement EZ Form

For common services that are indicated on the form, with no ambiguity that do not require insurance, and are compensated in one payment at completion of service.

Contract Routing & Approval Form

This form should be created and attached to the Comprehensive IC Agreement and supplier provided agreements and shall include all pertinent information related to the contract, as well as, approval signatures.

Contract Routing & Approval Form Instructions

Instructions for Contract Routing and Approval Form.

Direct Payment  Form

Use this form to make a direct payment to a supplier or to an employee for reimbursement (other than travel).  Do NOT use this form to request a Purchase Order.

Direct Deposit Authorization Suppliers must complete this form if they wish to receive payments from Accounts Payable through Direct Deposit to their bank.

Education Abroad Program Advance Request

For Education Abroad use only.

Entertainment Expenses Form

Complete and submit for requests of reimbursement for entertainment expenses.

Purchasing Unit Contact List Planning Unit Contact List

Proof of Insurance

Proof of Insurance coverage on rental cars during domestic travel.

Purchasing Card Application / Request For Update

Use this for to apply for or request an update (i.e. spending limits, name change, etc.) to a Ohio University Purchasing or Controlled Value Card.

Purchasing Card Credit Confirmation

Use this form when a credit receipt cannot be obtained from the supplier.

Purchasing Card Refund

Complete and submit with refunds made by cardholder.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Proforma Invoice

Suppliers should use this form if they do not have a prepared invoice.

Request for Change Order

Use this form to request changes on existing, open Purchase Orders.

Request for Waiver

Fill out this form and attach it to a Requisition to request a waiver from competitive bidding.


Formerly the Request for PO form.  Use this form to request the issue of a Purchase Order.


Use this form to request that your specialty items be auctioned on e-bay.

OHIO Substitute W-9 (former Payment Compliance Form)

Required form (on file) for any supplier to which Ohio University makes a payment for reimbursement, goods, or services.

Travel Advance Form

Use this form to request travel advance.

Travel Expense Report (2017)

Travel Expense Report (2016)

If an OHIO employee, please use Concur.  This form is for student travel.  Use this form to request reimbursement for travel expenses during same-day, multi-day and/or non-auto travel.  This form now allows up to FOUR pages of entry.

W-9 (Ohio University as supplier / payee) Form to be submitted to other organizations when Ohio University is the supplier/payee