Doing Business with Ohio University


It’s all about partnering to deliver the best value to our customers…

Suppliers are a vital part of our goal to supply our customers with a best in class experience when procuring and paying for the goods and services they need. This guide has been prepared to assist you, as our supplier partner, with the entire “Procure to Pay” process at OHIO University


Purchases of goods and services are made by Ohio University to support:

  • Academic Programs
  • Research Initiatives
  • Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Advancement Initiatives
  • Student Activities
  • Arts and Cultural Activities
  • Athletic Programs
  • Community Initiatives
  • Support Services
  • Construction and Facilities Maintenance


  • State of Ohio Revised Code
  • State of Ohio Controlling Board
  • Ohio University Policy and Procedure
  • Grant specific related guidelines


Ohio University is committed to simple processes that make the best use of technology to execute those processes while ensuring compliance with federal, state, local, and university guidelines.  The University uses an eProcurement system which we call “BobcatBUY” in which our customers electronically create their requisitions for goods and services.  BobcatBUY is the primary method for our customers to buy the items and services that they require. Customer orders workflow electronically to department approvers and others, as needed, within the university prior to the Purchase Order being issued.

In support of Ohio University’s sustainability commitment, Purchase Orders will be dispatched to you electronically by either the cXML method or by efax. You will need a fax number or an email address to receive your Purchase Order.

In a limited number of instances, you may be paid by “Direct Payment” through BobcatBUY. We strongly encourage you to always insist on a Purchase Order number prior to placing the customer’s order. It is your protection and guarantee of a smooth and approved transaction from Ohio University.

Finally, Ohio University does issue PCards to a number of faculty and staff. Aside from travel, the purpose of the PCARD is for the purchase of non-frequent low dollar goods that cannot be procured through a catalog in BobcatBUY. Do not accept a PCard for service related transactions. Insist on a Purchase Order for both your and the University’s protection.


OHIO University’s payment terms are net 30 from the date of the invoice and checks are processed twice weekly by Accounts Payable. Both the Purchase Order number and a unique invoice number are required for invoice processing.   Always make sure your invoice amount and line item detail matches the Purchase Order you have been issued. Payments may be delayed for missing or incorrect information as we take time to research and correct.

Important information to know:

  • Ohio University must have a current and complete OHIO Substitute W9 Form on file in order to process your order and subsequent payment.
  • Customers will need a written quote from you to create their requisition. Make it detailed and complete. Separate shipping to a separate line wherever possible.
  • Ohio University’s payment terms are Net 30 from the date of the invoice
  • Your invoice mustcontain a unique Invoice Number in order to be processed.
  • Your invoice must include the Purchase Order Number issued to you for that order in order to be processed.
  • The preferred method of invoice submission is to email your invoice to . We are committed to a sustainable process that reduces as much paper as possible.
  • If you must mail, please submit your invoice to Accounts Payable, 1 OHIO University, West Union Street Office Center, Room 204, Athens, OH 45701.

Specific requirements related to insurance, BWC, wages, or special certifications must be met for certain types of work or services. Please click here for a list of the requirements for performing construction and/or repairs on OHIO property.