Direct Payment List

Guidelines for using Direct Payment Form - Updated 1/19/12

Departments may acquire the items and services included in the following Direct Payment (DP) list without prior Procurement Services approval. The DP guidelines are meant to direct Planning Units appropriately. Please go to the General Guidelines page for other relevant purchasing information.

Purchase Order - Most goods and services are subject to bid limits as follows if the total purchase volume will exceed these thresholds: Goods - $25,000  Services - $50,000 Construction - $50,000
All bids items require a Purchase Order.

Direct Payment (DP) Form - When the use of a PCard is impossible or impractical, Direct Payment forms may be submitted for the after-the-fact payment of the obligation assumed.

NEVER attach a Purchase Order (PO) invoice to a Direct Payment (DP) form for payment. If you are in receipt of a PO invoice, make sure the PO # is on the invoice (write it on the invoice if needed), mark it "OK to pay" with your signature, and forward it to the Accounts Payable Office for payment.

The following is not an exhaustive list, but is meant to provide guidance. Items with an asterisk (*) may be paid by Direct Payment regardless of the dollar amount.

Call individual purchasing agents with any questions, or to suggest changes or additions to this list.

Direct Payment List   

  1. Accounting and auditing fees
  2. Advertising*
  3. Airport charges - Payments to airports for landing, parking, and refueling of University-owned aircraft
  4. Attorney fees
  5. Awards - Employee cash awards and student awards
  6. Cadavers - Costs associated with the disposal of cadavers
  7. Certification - Required certification, inspection, and/or licensing fees*
  8. Clip charges - Reading and clip charges
  9. Commissions*
  10. Computer service lines and computer search charges
  11. Consultants payments which are NOT on grant accounts and which are under $5,000 only
  12. Copies - Copying, reprints, and duplication; reports and internship papers; transcripts and diplomas
  13. Copyrights*
  14. Demurrage charges on canisters/cylinders
  15. Dry Cleaning
  16. Employment Services
  17. Exhibit and/or promotion fees
  18. Purchase or rental of pre-recorded Films/Videos/Tapes
  19. Film badge billing
  20. Film processing
  21. Government - All payments to county, state and federal government agencies, including other universities and ATCO*
  22. Honoraria and related expenses (gifts on foundation funds only!)
  23. Hospitals - All payments made to hospitals under contract with the College of Osteopathic Medicine (COM) as regional teaching centers
  24. Insurance policy premiums and mutual health fund payments
  25. Legal settlements and associated costs (authorized for the Office of Legal Affairs, Legal Council, Special Legal Items, and VP for Finance area only)
  26. Lists, including mailing lists/labels and Graduate Student Locator Service List
  27. Magnetic tape reports
  28. Medical Services
  29. Memberships. (No personal memberships or donations)
  30. Microfilm and microfiche services
  31. Notary Public fees
  32. Officials for athletic events (ICA only)
  33. Postage - Payments made to the Postmaster for postage, stamps, metered mail, box rental, or stamped envelopes
  34. Programming charges. (Telecommunications only)
  35. Publication submission fees
  36. Published materials - Books, texts, publications, periodicals, directories, and interlibrary loan fees
  37. Refunds of monies previously paid to the University (including monies paid to grantors)
  38. Research subjects and simulated patients
  39. Room and board for workshops
  40. Royalties
  41. Scholarships, tuition and Senate Bill 140 expenses
  42. Stipends paid to external entities (non-employees,non-students)
  43. Subcontracts. Agreements entered into on a Restricted Account
  44. Tapes - prerecorded video and audio tapes and films
  45. Telephone, telegraph, and teletype charges
  46. Testing/sampling services and test score reports
  47. Training materials - published training materials, including: books, texts, films, tapes, and workbooks
  48. For non-OU employees only (examples: guest lecturer, job applicant): All travel, entertainment, and related expenses, including per diem. Note: For OU student travel: use a paper Travel Expense Report (TER). For OU employee travel reporting: Use Concur
  49. TV Cable services
  50. Utilities - natural gas, electric, water & sewer