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Direct Payment List

Departments may acquire the purchases included in the following Direct Payment (DP) list without prior Procurement Services approval. The DP guidelines are meant to direct Planning Units appropriately.  Please review Procurement Policies at https://www.ohio.edu/policy/numeric.html.  

The following is not an exhaustive list, but is meant to provide guidance. 

Direct Payment List   

  1. Advertising without a contract
  2. Airport charges - Payments to airports for landing, parking, and refueling of University-owned aircraft without a contract
  3. Awards and Prizes to non-university employees
  4. Certification - Required certification, inspection, and/or licensing fees without a contract
  5. Commissions/Royalties
  6. Exhibit fees without a contract
  7. Gifts (retirees, external entities, etc. No employees)
  8. Gasoline (OU vehicles) 
  9. Government - All payments to county, state and federal government agencies without a contract
  10. INS Fees / Visas
  11. License and Inspection Fees (non-software) that do not include a contract
  12. Legal settlements and associated costs (authorized for the Office of Legal Affairs, Legal Counsel, Special Legal Items, and VP for Finance area only)
  13. Lists, including mailing lists/labels and Graduate Student Locator Service List
  14. Memberships. (No personal memberships or donations)
  15. Notary Public fees without a contract
  16. Postage - Payments made to the Postmaster for postage, stamps, metered mail, box rental, or stamped envelopes
  17. Publication submission fees without a contract
  18. Published materials - Books, texts, publications, periodicals, directories, and interlibrary loan fees without a contract
  19. Reimbursement for non-OU employees only (examples: guest lecturer, job applicant):  All travel, entertainment, and related expenses, including per diem
  20. Research subjects, Study Participant, Human Subjects unless recurring payments exist.  
  21. Scholarships and tuition (Taxable and paid through AP)
  22. Stipends