Print Responsibly

Print Responsibly

Project Status 

Print Responsibly was introduced to the University community in June 2010 at an open forum held at Baker Center. The forum resulted in approximately 75 individuals testing the equipment and talking with print management representatives. Following the forum, survey results were received from over half of those individuals and were evaluated as the program was developed. Implementation began in Fall 2011 and will conclude in December 2012. To date, over 400 printing and copying devices have been installed as part of this program.

Project Summary

Under the Print Responsibly program, over time, OHIO will no longer own non-specialized printers, copiers, scanners, or fax machines. OHIO will not be responsible for the purchase and replacement of toner cartridges or other materials used in the devices nor pay device maintenance costs. Instead, OHIO will contract with ComDoc to pay a per page rate for printing, copying, scanning, and, in some cases, faxing services. Each department/area will be responsible for providing paper used in the printing devices. OHIO will pay a per-impression price for copying and printing services. However, scanning services will not carry a cost per charge to execute. A two-sided print job will be charged as two impressions.


The printing process and procedures for students is currently being examined. More information will follow as it becomes available. Print Responsibly has been expanded to include student printing for Spring 2012 in the College of Business. Other departments will be phased in as the program matures.

Print Responsibly is a registered trademark of ComDoc Inc.