Print Responsibly

Print Responsibly

Recycling Instructions 

Many initiatives within the Print Responsibly program are grounded in sustainability tenets.  The overall reduction of minimally used devices will decrease cost, reduce consumption of resources and streamline the workload of our devices as well as our students and staff.  Through mechanisms established with this program, we will be able to offer incremental data regarding energy savings, financial responsibility, paper reduction, increased recycling rates, responsible purchasing efforts and other quantifiable data as it is gathered.  We also see this initiative as an opportunity to improve the student experience by creating a streamlined printing process across all university colleges and campuses, reducing confusion and allowing for faster printing processes.  As this program evolves, this site will be able to document these metrics and track our successes.  We are confident in the Print Responsibly program’s ability to decrease both the carbon footprint of the institution as well as the overall space footprint of our devices.

In a time of economic instability, it is essential that each of us respond to the local and institutional economies by decreasing our individual consumption of energy, materials and natural resources.  Ohio University faculty and staff are doing their part to keep student costs low by participating in the Print Responsibly program.  By eliminating luxuries such as deskside printers and one-sided printing defaults, faculty and staff are offering success to a sustainable centralized printing process at the institution.  We are deeply appreciative of the efforts taken by OU employees to make this program a success.  In turn, the Office of Sustainability and Procurement Services will continue to assist the campus community by making this transition and new printing process convenient.   Thanks to the many special software features provided by the COMDOC equipment and purchasing prompts offered in Bobcat Buy, OU faculty and staff will be able to recognize when they are making significant sustainable impacts for our campus and community.  Any questions regarding OU’s sustainability initiatives as they relate to this (or any) program can be directed to the Office of Sustainability at

This program has been made possible, in great part, due to the exceptional collaborations between a variety of departments and colleges.  True sustainable measures cannot be made at an institution without the support of campus-wide entities.  We are grateful to all of the Print Responsibly initial partners:

·         College of Business

·         Information Technology

·         Vice President for Finance and Administration

o   Procurement

o   Office of Sustainability

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